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It is late,
too late for me to close my eyes and sleep
I don’t get much,
sleep I mean
not with WWIII going on in my head
there is too much at risk,
we have to keep watch,
to protect my dreams from invasion.

It is late,
too late to tell you who won,
for even in my head no one knows,
everything stopped functioning decades ago,
life was destroyed
nothing is left.

It is late,
too late to go back and undo the mistakes made,
they all wish they could,
but you can’t heal from time.
I thought it was possible
like many but fools.

It is late,
too late to write of the past,
decades of events,
things we could have learnt how to prevent,
but did nothing.
The pain is there, but no one is left to feel it,
Wish I had a chance.

It is…

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