Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry of a talented writer.

Ellie belfiglio


At today’s last dawn, I see life so pure.

I will give my vision to you.

Can we survive creator’s world of haze?

Fated blessing, pondering our limited days.

Will the gift come? I hear voices, so innocent!

My glorious spirit, I shall give you my eternity…

I see the hands that caressed the face of loveliness.

So tenderly I bury evening, sorrowful sky with burgundy trees.

Come we are fate, a random thread of life!

Yet pure true love can forever await,

When the silvery purple moon sheds its glistened cover.

The echo of our song in unknown world may still hover…

If this shall not journey past my last breath,

I shall endure an infinite inner death.

Look to my eyes when in pain, comfort my soul…

Am I everything through you? Let’s together stroll.

So listen, silence hears our song till the earth is mold;

And reverie…

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