‘Anything goes’

Anything goes

She sat next to me on the empty stool.
Her sweet perfume I breathe in and
I gave her a big Michigan smile.

She returned the smile.
We talks and drank for hours.
Her blue eyes seem to look through me.
Her red hair flowed down her back smelling of strawberries and
her short skirt showing beautiful tan legs.

Almost closing time.
I told her it was a pleasure to spend time with her.
The bar was locking up.

She looked into my eyes.
Whispered “I like you.
I need you to go home with me.”

I smiled and told her and
I would want to see her again.
Going home with her wasn’t necessary.

She smiled and kissed my lips.
Whispered “Anything goes my lover.
Pleasure is the only true feeling left.
Everything else are stories.
To blind us from the tenderness of passion and pleasure.”

Her warm lips welcome me into the turmoil of her desire.
Her body against my body increase my hunger to touch her.

We sat in her Austin condo.
I could hear Leonard Cohen singing softly.

“Everybody knows.”
She told me.
“love is a fool’s game.
What really matters.
Is what you can do for me?”

I asked what is left but sex?
New ways to satisfy the soul?

Her sweet smile never leaves her face.
She licked her lips.
Whispered “All we have left is the scream of joy when we cum.”

“Don’t look for love my lover.
In hell we will wish to swim in the inferno of passion.
Today my love.
Anything goes to satisfy our hunger that can’t be fulfilled.”

10 May 1994