‘Fairytale ending’

Fairytale ending
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
{Sometime life is fair. We can have a fairytale ending when all things fall into place properly.}

Fairytale ending

Love letters are sent.
New hope is born.
Sweet Julie wrote.
I need you here and
I want our old times to become our new times.

Sweet words written on paper make a sad heart content.
“I love you more than you will know.”
Words can lead us to hell and paradise.
I learn good things come to the people who wait.

My bags are packed and  I’m waiting for the train for Frankfort.
Soon I will return to her.
I hold the letter in my hands and
I wish for a fairytale ending.

Where love conquers all.
Where all things fall into place.

Sweet and beautiful Julie is waiting.
I hope she loved the stranger I have become.
Love is tender. Easily broken.

I find my Julie In Ann Arbor, Michigan.
She wrapped her arms around me.
I smell the sweetness of her perfume and
I feel the warmth of her embrace.
She gives me gentle, kind smile.

She whispered.
“We will be okay my Johnnie.”