If Only She Does!!

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

and the words that echo..

In the wilderness of my thoughts
A void stretches across
Every inch of my flesh
Every drop of my blood
Every vein that takes my blood
Every cell that was ever born and is now long dead,
Every thought
Every emotion is filled with a light
And that light carries the void
That light in the darkness is a hope but more of longing,
Longing for something my words fail to describe,
Longing for someone I have never met ,
Longing for someone I have never seen, never heard..
But has stayed in my heart for an eternity,
It’s an image I fail to recognize
It’s just a blurry vision
Pieces of my imagination
That have held to the pieces of my heart for long
Pieces of my words that have some how told me,
Words that have somehow managed to echo forever…
Pieces of my words that without being…

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