Hold me

Hold me

I’m crying and I’m dying. Once great man knew everything and he learned. He knew nothing. He made money for rich people and large companies. Forty years of work and working for cold hearten people. Left him with the bitterness of knowing. He did little.

Once soldier, once young and hopeful. He stood at a crossroad. Yesterday he visit the Vietnam Wall and he visit the book of the Michigan men and women killed in the new wars. He stared at his dead friends lost to war. He saw his friend Donald face and he heard some words whispered  in his heart and mind. Man-up Johnnie. You will be fine. You are alive and well. Do something for this world. No time for crying and no time for dying. Time for you. To write the truth.

Today I hate the wars. No-one knows why we are fighting. Sending men and women to places who don’t want our help. Our children are lost. The kids raised with a background of war and hate. Little opportunity and cost of education. A heavy burden.

Yesterday a writer told me. I wrote for many years against war and violence. I did nothing and no-one will listen or care. I told him. If we give-up or give-in. We are as guilty as the hateful and cold men and women in Washington.

“If you step into the sea. You create a movement that can expand. Expand to great and wonderful things. If one of us. Scream and demand peace. Maybe the movement of the water can turn into a storm for peace.”


“Little child is crying and alone in the world.  The child whispered, hold me and keep me safe. The world need to slow down and we need to lead with concern, kindness and love.”

“Every day more great cities are being destroyed. The planes and the bombs do not care if child, women or men. Does God see the homeless and hungry child? Does God understand the hate of men?’

I will burn sage for my sick friends at Lake St. Clair today. I will burn sage for the countries and children who know only war and terror. I pray the God, you believe in. Listen. Please send wisdom to our leader. I’m crying for the children killed in Florida and I’m crying for Yemen and Syria. The world is getting smaller and we must learn. One earth and one people. Every life had value. We must protect the children and be the protector of nature. ”

We need a song for peace and love. A song for peace and love to make a billion people stand as one. One in the hope of a peaceful world.

“Hold me close. Hear my words. Please hear my wishes. The world had gone mad. Poor people in the way of war pray for one more day. Poor people in the way of war pray for shelter and safety. Time for us. To become one in love and listen to the screams. Hold me close. Death is near and please allow me to live without war near.”

The word peace is rarely spoken. No profit in war. Ten percent of the USA war budget could allow every child to have free and needed education. Ten percent of the USA budget could feed the world. USA is building better guns to kill and more planes to murder from the sky. Twenty five percent of the USA budget is for the war machine. If the USA quit giving weapons of death to hateful men and countries. Would this world be a better place?

I remember my friend Donald. He loved to laugh and he was a friend. He was a father and a kind man. He left behind beautiful daughters and I pray. He is watching from heaven. His kids are like him. Country strong and brave. Listen, pay attention and know. Today war is alive and well in our world. If war is allowed to never stop. War shall find you and the taste of war is sour. The insanity of war and the blood will be at our doorsteps.

John Castellenas/Coyote