A safe place to go


A safe place to go

Once we were wild horses. Once we loved the wide open road.
Once all we needed was holding and loving each other though-out the long days and nights. We were September sweet wine and warm sweet kisses.

Today we walk alone and we want a safe place to go.
We are longing for midnight laughter and feeling safe in the arms of each other.
I remember your beautiful face and how you make me want to live and dance again.

You are faraway from me and I need you now.

I do a midnight prayer.
“Dear love.
I’m thinking of you.
I’m wishing for you.
I’m dreaming of you.
I need to hear your sweet voice.
I need you now”

Now we have photos and words.
Maybe we are just wishing to the after rain’s “Rainbow” for the safety of love.

Please remember me. I shall remember you.

John Castellenas/Coyote