Wild horses- part one

Wild horses, part one
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
A new chapter.

Wild horses, part one

Brigitte drank some wine and she asked him. Great words, you have expressed. God have create everything beautiful. Who create all the ugly? Who create the separation? Why does religion create so much hate? Even to great war and death. If God is so wonderful. Why is the world in such a mess?

He held hands tighter and he told her. God is very fair, I believe. If you try to live a good life. Lead with kindness, concern and love. Maybe you can meet this God of mystery. I believe most religions is based on one God. Native Americans, the great spirit. Earth, water and sky. They love nature and believe all life is worthwhile. The Christians, Muslims, Buddhism and the many other. Hold belief in one god or substance. I believe liars, naysayer and hateful man can twist a kind belief into war and demanding. I do believe bad and hateful people will meet the Devil of a sort. Karma will demand payment. Places like Hell will be overflowing. The new world had no concern for their deeds and actions.

She smiled and she asked again. Is God your savior? You do not go to church and you burn sage for the sick and for the hope of a peaceful world. You rarely speak or write of God in your words. Your stories are filled with myth and tale. You are a free-climber of any mountain near and you love to suicide board the California Winter storms. You love to challenge the mountains and the sea. You are fearless and you do not fear death. Do you believe in heaven or hell?

He brought her hands to his lips. He kissed them both and he asked her. You remember November, 1989. You hated the wall in East Germany. I remember you telling me. There is no God. Half our country being oppressed and abused. No-one cared. I called you and I told you. The wall is coming down. You and I went to Berlin. A million Germans took down a wall of separation. the greatest party ever. No anger, just joyful people standing as one. If men and women could repeat these actions for peace. Our world could be so much better. God gave man free-will. To be use for good or bad. President Clinton send my unit to Africa three times. My unit of gas and water joined forces with medical teams. 90-180 days. We did what we could for the sick and the hungry. I awoke at 3 am and I would cook soft foods like soup and oatmeal. Starvation make the stomach smaller. I would deliver food and water to villages in the evening. I saw in their eyes of the people we helped, thankfulness. They called us angels. I believe men and women can be angels or play the devil. It is our decision.

She drank some wine and she smiled. She told him. I remember when you called me and you told me about the wall. I didn’t believe you and when you showed-up at my door. I knew I was going to see a miracle. These are my best days of my life. I remember the East Berlin people hugging us and kissing us. A million plus people celebrating the taste if freedom. Do you believe this was God’s will or men doing the right things?

He reached over and he caressed her face and he told her. Once we were children. We came from the comfort of a woman’s belly. This is a miracle and I believe in God’s eyes. Women are a blessing and a miracle. Men was given free-will and the world of men. Chaos, crazy and filled with foolishness. Today men of war are leading the world. Killing children, women and the old people. Destroying great cities. These are the deeds of bad people. In East Berlin. This was men and women doing the right things. A million plus souls took apart a wall of hate and separation. We must do the same today. Need a billion people to stand for concern, peace and love. This is our decision dear Brigitte.

She looked sad and she told me. I believe God is disappointed in us. We allow men of war to lead our countries. We allow evil countries to destroy great cities. Women, children and men killed without a whisper of someone complaining. This is my weakness with God. Johnnie, do you believe in God or the Devil?

John Castellenas/Coyote