Wild horses- Chapter three

Wild horses – Chapter three
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
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Wild horses  –  chapter three

Johnnie loved looking at Brigitte blue eyes when she spoke. She was a miracle. She held so many talents. She could paint the sea, the faces of people and the ancient places. She made them come alive. A skilled herbalist and performed in many Stuttgart plays. He asked her often. Why do wait for me? I’m a fool. Running from demons I cannot see. She taps his arm and she asked. Were you dreaming of me? He smiled and he told her. Yes I was.

I was remembering how we traveled the USA and I took you to an open range outside of the Texas border. You saw the wild and free horses. You told me. You and I are the wild horses. We need free range and open country. I remember how you swam in Lake Superior. In was late May and the water was very cold. You loved the lakes. You stayed in the Lake Superior water for hours. Almost got frost bite. These are the day I loved. I came to Florence today to tell you something of important.

The second bottle of Ambrosia wine came. She poured the wine into their wine glasses and she told him. I will answer your question first dear Johnnie. Love, life and freedom. Free people must know and never release. I remember when you took me to the open concert in Tübingen. Joan Baez performed and we danced with a thousand people by the small river. We slept in a small sleeping bag and I sang to you till the morning light. You did not complain. I was drunk and I remember you held me so close and you kissed me a thousand times. I never felt so loved. This is love Johnnie. Life is us. You and I. Been two fools who wasted 30 years apart. What we could have done? You wanted the Hemingway life and you found it. I saw the man who danced with the coyotes and ran with the free horses. Become cold and lonely. Damn war and army bloodied your heart and soul. She drank some wine and she took his hands. She kissed them softly and she whispered. We are soul mates. When you suffer. I suffer my love. Freedom is a dangerous words. You offered me Michigan a 100 times. Today I regret I didn’t accept the offer. Now I want us to find the free animals and the free horses. For us to be wild horses again dear Johnnie.

He smiled and he took her hands. He kissed each finger and he told her. I hope you accept what I did. I needed to hear your words first. I remember the Joan Baez concert. You stripped to bra and panties. You swam in the river. An amazing memory I hold dearly. I did join you. I could not let Hemingway down. Pretty woman should never swim alone. Me and you caused a hundred young Germans to do the midnight swim. We have become old together. I remember how sweet and beautiful you were. I didn’t want to dirty you with my bloody hands. Today I regret this. Now I wish we made love every nights and day for thirty year. He reached into his pocket and he gave her a small box. She opened the box and a ring with a blue diamond was in it. He asked her. Would you marry an old man? I don’t have much and I would be forever in your debt if you accept. He put the ring on her right hand and Brigitte was crying. He told her. I have the proper paperwork and I can live in Germany with you. I want this. I want us to travel and for you to paint. I want to write. Not of war. I want to write a love story. A love story of two people who are wild horses. Making the world a better place. Two people fearless and loco in mind and heart.

Brigitte went to Johnnie. She sat on his lap and she whispered. I will marry you and I won’t allow you to escape my view no-more. A promise is a promise. I want us to marry in Florence. Allow the new Gods and old gods to view us. Show the Gods. Love is alive and well.

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