Dark days of Texas- (Chapter 4-8)

Dark days of Texas-  Wild buck Jalan- part four
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
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Dark side of Texas-Wild buck Jalan-  part four

Wild buck Jalan left old man John drinking alone. He took Selena, the dance-hall girl up-stair with him. He had bought a bottle of moonshine. He was a old-school drinker. He use to make his own moonshine once when he was young and strong in mind and in heart. He liked Selena. He loved the woman, wild and not tamed. He preferred the moonshine over the whiskey. The whiskey made him damn mean and ugly. The moonshine calmed him down and allowed to know some peace. He was able to find sleep.

Selena was a mix of Mexican and Apache. She was a dark eyes beauty with hair as dark as black coffee. She had no limit on drinking, dancing and sex. He loved her honesty and her ability to be silence about his nightly bad dreams. When the dreams were bad. She held him tightly and she caressed his forehead and face till the nightmares faded away. He fought the old battles nightly. Old man John told him. Better to have a bad memory than to relive the old wars and battles. He was glad Old man John came out retirement. He was needed to keep him sane. This would be his last battle. He have been fighting for 40 years. He was so tire of killing and fighting. He dreamed of some land and Selena with him. He knew Dirty Deed Eric had recruited Moonshine Eddie. Dirty Deed Eric and Moonshine Eddie was in Western Texas.

Moonshine Eddie was as dangerous as Dirty Deed Eric. He was a killer for hire for 30 years. He was born in Alabama where his parent were slaves. They worked the cotton field till they got sick. The owner quit feeding the parent. no work, no food. He watched his parent die and he promised himself. He would kill this owner and the complete family.When he turn sixteen. He stole a long blade. He practiced alone in the forest for months. He became skill with the long blade knowing the speed and the movement of the knife. Late September of 1852 with the midnight moon watching. He killed the owner family one by one. He made the owner watch as he killed them slowly and badly. He smiled, thinking how the owner cries watching him kill his complete family. The owner die very slowly. He remembered whispering. I see you in hell. He left Birmingham and he headed to the free country of Texas. At the border of Arkansas and Texas. A city called Little Rock. An old white man called him a dirty no-good slave. The old man slapped him and he spits at his boots. He carved the old man into 50 pieces and left him to bleed-out on the tavern floor. It took 20 men to hold him down. He was six-foot three and two hundred and thirty pound. Lifting the cotton bales made him hard and strong. He received a quick court date and was support to be hung on the coming Sunday. He didn’t fear death. He never held freedom and on Sunday. He would die a free man. He was ready to die when he saw Dirty Deed Eric. He smiled seeing a large black man killing ten men and wounding ten more. He came to him and untied the ropes and offered his hand. He took his hand and Dirty Deed Eric told him. You are okay now my new friend. Your days of being looked down at are over. Today you are Dirty Deed Eric friend and soldier. We take no shit and no-one will disrespect you again. Eddie took his hand and he told him. I owe you my life. I will ensure you won’t die with me near.

Jalan met Moonshine Eddie once. They drank the moonshine in Austin once. They drank to freedom, pretty women and the moonshine. He didn’t know Eddie was a paid killer with a blood soaked heart and no soul left. He did understand Eddie journey. He escaped slavery and he joined the black division in the United State Army. They received half the pay and were in harm ways in every battle. He remember the battle of Fort Pillow. More than half of the black division was killed. He remember the names of his friends still. At Fort Fisher, his division were in the front of the battle and few black soldiers survived. Only Old man John soldiers would bury the black soldiers. Old John was a major in the hit and run divisions. He was pissed-off because the General knew. The lead soldier would all die. He remembered Old Man John touching his face. He called for a medic. He yelled. Another live one. Jalan knew Old man John saved his life this day. Old Man John soldiers saved 20 black soldiers. He lost many during this bloody victory at Fort Fisher. Jalan still remembered the sand. Soaked with the blood of 20,000 Union soldiers. General Sherman asked the Major. What do I do with these men? Old Man John told the General. I will take them all. They are bad-ass soldiers and are deadly and dangerous. They fight for two things. Freedom and hatred. A powerful mix. General Sherman smiled and he told him. These men need opportunity and chance. These men need you Major. He brought the surviving 20 black soldiers together and he asked them. I would be honored to have you served with me. I need your black-asses to serve with me. If you want? All twenty men agreed to join him. Old Man John soldiers stopped the supply lines and ensured the South would be beaten. Few Southern Soldiers survived the Major’s skilled soldiers. He ensured every soldier knew his rifle and he had a long blade. He told the soldiers. Blood is repaid with blood. The Southern soldiers called them the ghost riders. They would hit and run. Never stayed in one place too long.

After the war ended he asked Jalan to join him. An old friend in Texas was re-enforcing the Texas rangers. He told him. You saved my life 10 times and I saved your life 5 times. This mean we are brother and friends forever. Us soldiers have few friends and many enemies. We must stand together as one my friend. He served 20 years with Old Man John in the Texas Rangers. More bad days than good days. The bad dreams started five years ago. Selena told him. You soldiers are sick with murder. You killed, you killed and you killed some more for a uncaring government. You should feel the misery of every person you killed. He loved Selena and asked her. Any peace for me who killed for the government? Not asking no questions and just doing their duty? She looked very sad and she told him. You Texas Rangers killed my parent and my village. You Texas Rangers followed orders and butchered families. You have killed over 200 men. Do you believe you shall know peace? He told her. No.

He loved Texas. Few men saw his black face. They saw his long blade and the Colt six shooters. They saw his ugly face and they knew of his reputation. Wild Buck Jalan would carve-up your face and a boot in the face for any kind of disrespect. Selena took off his boots, released the gun belt and took-off the long blade. She took off his shirt and pulled off his pant. She cleaned him up with a wet cloth of warm water and soap. Sitting in his underwear only, she shaved his three-month old beard. He loved watching her. She was the only kindness he had known. She would sing for him.

In Texas, the angels don’t visit.
In old Texas, only blood and sand.
In Texas, salvation is rare and few.
The blood soaked land of Texas.
Just graves upon new graves.
The angels don’t come to Texas.
The melody of Texas is the Devil song.
Jalan loved her. He wondered if one day like Attila the Hun, his hero. Be killed by a loved one? Her heritage Mexican and Apache left her in a bad place. After she finished. She smiled and she told him. I won’t kill you. You have been very kind to me. You look at me with love and kindness. Life isn’t fair or right. If we live for revenge. We shall be barren and alone.
John Castellenas/Coyote

Dark days of Texas-  Killers are made.
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
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Two-pistol Tammy and Double shot Shirley were at Shirley’s friend homestead. They hated Austin, Texas. Shirley told Old man John once. Nothing good comes out of Austin. If you stay too long in Austin. You become part of the garbage. Tammy asked Shirley. You believe we can kill Dirty Deed Eric? Shirley looked sad and she whispered. Killers are made. Eric wasn’t always a bad man. I knew his father, Walker. He was a free man in Oklahoma and he came from Africa with proper documentation. He wanted to escape the memory of Africa. I remember he told me. In Africa. We are more unkind to our brothers than here. He went as far west as he could. He was alone and he liked it. Me and my first husband was 20 miles from his small cabin. He loved Oklahoma. No hate and free open country he told me often. One day some Cheyenne braves came to him for healing. The Apache and the Cheyenne thought he was a medicine man. The old Cheyenne man had a bad wound. The wound wasn’t proper wrapped and no healing medicine on the open wound. He clean the wound with the moonshine he made, he put some desert sage on the wound and he wrapped it tightly. The old man stayed with him for 20 days. The man had many visitors and later he learn. This was a Cheyenne chief. They spoke rarely. Walker learned the Apache and Cheyenne language years ago. He requested permission to live on Native American territory. The Apache laughed and they told him. Free land for honest men and you have a good face. No-one own the land. Land is for all people.

One night the Cheyenne chief offered his hand and he thanks him. Thank you Walker and I owe you my life. I have many daughters and nieces. My name is Black Moon. My name was given to me because during my birth. Cheyenne world was falling apart. You need some company and to make strong children. Walker smiled and he told the chief. Thank you, but I like being alone. When you are alone. You have nothing to lose and I lost a family in Africa already.. The chief smiled and he answered. Life isn’t easy and life because more harder. I’m old and I have been fighting for my complete life. But my life is good. Good wife and many children. Still gives me reasons to live. The chief left one morning. He hugged Walker and he walked out standing tall and strong.

One early morning. Walker heard something outside. He looked outside the cabin. A young pretty Cheyenne woman was washing his clothing and hanging them on a tight rope. The woman was tall, full busted and beautiful. She had dark brown skin and the darkest brown eyes he ever seen. He went outside and the woman reached out her hand and she told him. I’m Little Wolf. I’m your wife now. Chief Black Moon is my grandfather and I told him. I thought you were handsome and I could be a good wife. He had blessed our marriage and I’m your wife now. Walker held silence for a second and he told her. Please Little Wolf. My heart is sad and my mind is tire. It wouldn’t be fair for you. You are young and beautiful. My life is dark and I like the loneliness. You must go. She held silence. She did not enter the house for a week. She slept on her blanket near the house. He told her often. Please go home as he brought food to her daily. On a hot afternoon in early Summer. He went to his window. Little wolf stood nude washing her body. He had learned to like her and he enjoyed their daily conversation. He watched her wash her perfect young body with the soap he gave her. She was tall and she had long strong legs. He gave in and he went to her. She saw him coming and she ran to him. She embraced him tightly and she kissed him often. He took her to the house and till the Kansas folks showed-up. They lived a perfect life. Walker became the healer for the desert tribes and Little Wolf gave him three strong boys. Eric was born first, than Peter and Paul.

Tammy looked sad and she asked. Who is the Kansas people? Tears fell from Shirley’s eyes and she told her. Walker saved me from dying twice and my husband three times. He was a good man and a good father. He was a large man. Six foot seven inches and almost three hundred pounds. He taught his boys how to live. He roamed Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Hunting for meat/fur and looking for herbal medicine. He tried to be not seen by many people. His sons, he taught them how to find the hidden water in the desert and to know where they could find shelter from the sun. He told me often. Travel early before the sun awake. Rest at noon and finish your journey in the night. He was a wise and kind man. In Kansas, a lot of problems about slavery. Many wanted to keep the black people as slaves forever. Angry men were roaming and killing the people who supported the freedom of the blacks. I still remember when Eric came to my home years ago in Oklahoma. He was as large as his father and he wasn’t mean yet. He was crying and he told me. They killed my father and mother Little Wolf. My brothers were hanging from the old tree. Me and my Husband Jack went to the house. We helped him bury his father, mother and brothers. Eric asked my husband for the long blade and rifle. Jack told him. Blood won’t make you know peace. Only make you seek more blood till you know the taste of blood only. Eric looked down at my husband and he whispered. I have no choice. My husband gave him his long blade and his rifle. I kissed his forehead and I gave him my gun belt and five boxes of shells. We went home and we held silence. Later this night. The Kansas folks came to our house. They asked where Eric was? I saw their eyes. Cold and heartless men. I told them. We helped bury Eric father, mother and his brothers. I believe he went west. I called them mean ass son of a bitches and I prayed they died badly. My husband came out with loaded shot-gun and he told them. We have no-more to talk about strangers. Go back to Kansas before you meet the Devil.

Tammy looked very sad. She whispered. You are right Shirley. Killers are made. She asked Shirley with a serious face. Why must you kill him? Did he kill your husband? Shirley looked very sad and he told her. The next day. The Kansas raiders came back. First they killed my husband. They beat him half to death and dragged him behind a horse for two miles. They stripped me completely nude and began to line us to rape me. As I laid waiting for the act. I heard the Cheyenne and Apache braves led by Eric. They slaughtered the 20 men. Eric brought me some clothing and he told me. Sorry miss Shirley. I came too damn late to save Jack. That was the last day I saw him. I remember me, the Apaches and Cheyenne braves and Eric by Jack’s grave. Eric told me. Please pray for my father, mother and brothers. I can not. I won’t tell Old man John the truth. He wouldn’t trust me. I believe I’m the only one who can kill him. I believe Eric need me to end his life. He was made by hate and bad decisions. We made the Devils. My friend Tammy. I’m a Devil too. Many a bullets for hateful men. Me and Eric were made by the blood of hate.

John Castellenas/Coyote

Dark days of Texas- Tammy’s understanding

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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                      Dark days of Texas-Tammy’s understanding

Tammy held silence for one hour and she went to Shirley. She asked her. Do you believe Dirty Deed Eric killed my lover and hung her. Shirley look serious and she thought for a few minute. She answered. No. Not his style. He killed hateful and racism men in a New York second.  He loved the woman. His mother Little Wolf taught him the bow and arrow and to respect women. Did you see him kill her?  Tammy looked sad and she answered no. I knew something wasn’t right. My lover was below the hanging rope and she had some herbal medicine and some water. Someone tried to help her. Last person seen by the house was Dirty Deed Eric and Moonshine Eddie. I was told. They murdered three cowboys in the city for unknown reasons. The Gleason brothers. They hated us. The said we were sinner and the devils. Tammy begin to cry and Shirley wrapped her arms around her. Shirley cries with her.

Old man John could never sleep. Always too much on his mind. He knew in the early morning. His final trip as a Texas Ranger would start. He had tracked Dirty Deed Eric once and he found him. He couldn’t kill him with a knife or a gun. He believe Eric didn’t want to kill him. If he did. He would be dirt and sand now. He marked his face and cut his chest open knowing. He would bleed only. He had another bad dream. Damn civil war haunting him nightly.  He looked to the wall and pray for his friend Colonel Will. He was killed early in the war. Will was his mentor in the Texas rangers. Will asked him in 1862. Texas Rangers releasing the good men to fight for the North. The Union Army made him a captain and he was in the hit and run division for four years. He tried to drink a lot of whiskey to erase the memory of killing kids. The whiskey rarely worked. He was thankful he had the opportunity to find Jalan and Dominic. His unit saved 100 black soldiers. Eighty went north. He told them. Go to Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.  Free territory for strong men. Stand tall and only accept respect.  Jalan and Dominic went back to Texas with him.  The Texas Rangers took Jalan because of his demands or he would quit. Dominic was wounded three times  and killed more men than we could count. His face was ugly with hate when Old Josh(The commander) asked him at the Texas Ranger interview. You know you must be fair. Southern men or not. We don’t murder. The war is over. John didn’t see Dominic till the final meeting in Western Texas hills two years back. He knew he joined Dirty Deed Eric after he killed three ex-southern soldiers in a tavern in Austin. They wanted to hang him and he made the Austin press front page. This was a mistake. Two days after the fast trial. Eric and Eddie killed the sheriff and three deputies. Dominic joined them and he been quiet lately but he was filled with hate and wasn’t seeking forgiveness. He remembered their last real words. Dominic told him. I like you Northern people. You fought and died for me and my race. I owe you my life Major Handsome Johnnie. Please don’t come for me. I was born poor, mean and in hell. I will go there without a struggle one day my old friend into hell’s gate. I don’t want to kill you.

John remembered his home in Michigan. His father a Irish man who escaped New York city hate and lived a good life in deep Michigan. He missed Michigan and he told Sherry. If I live. Me and you. We will go deep into Michigan and begin our life. Sherry agreed and she prayed they would survive the dark days a coming. He remembered his father anger when he left for Texas. His father words were true. You won’t learn nothing in Texas except blood and regret.

He remembered when he met William “Big Foot'” Hamilton in 1828, he was nineteen years old. William was recruiting for the Texas Rangers and he applied.  He remembered how honored he was to meet the hero and the great man. He asked him 10 questions about his life and work. The last question was the important one. Can you fight and can you defend yourself? He answered. I can fight and I can shoot a rifle with great skill, hit a gold piece with a pistol at 50 yards and I learn the long blade at seven in Michigan. William laughed at the words and he told him. You ain’t Texas born but you are Texas rebirth. Remember my new Texas Ranger. We kill, when we must. We protect the innocents people and we don’t choose sides. We are law-men. Not killers.

He was awoke from his thoughts and the daydream by Sherry. She asked him. Having the bad dreams again my love. He turned to her. He kissed her and he whispered to her. Just thinking about who I’m and who I will be. Sherry brought her nude body closer and she wrapped her long legs tightly around him and she whispered. We will survive the bad coming days and you and I. We will go to Michigan. Buy some land away from the city and near the lakes. We will hunt and fish till we are tired of living. Remember Johnnie. Only the good die young. Me and you are old and cold. We need some place to forget the past and learn to be civil again.

                               John Castellenas/Coyote

Dark days of Texas- Sweet Cheryl Lee
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
Another chapter.

Dark days of Texas – Sweet Cheryl lee

Eric hated the Summer in Texas. So damn hot. All you could do is rest during the day and ride at night only. He watched Cheryl Lee wash-up. They had found their favorite place. The hidden source of water and some mountain cover from the hot Texas sun. Eric loved his Cheryl Lee. She was a blue eyes, full busted lady. He remembered when he met her the first time. Her father was the meaning, ugliest and baddest bad man in Texas. Her father was called the Butcher of Laredo. Eric called him Danny. Danny never talked about the days in Laredo. He heard Danny killed 20 men in one day over the abuse and murder of his wife. He raised his daughter Cheryl Lee alone and he roamed the state of Texas with his three brothers. He always treated Cheryl Lee with respect and kindness because he was saved by Danny in Austin. He was outnumbered and all his men dead . Danny appeared and he killed a dozen men before his eyes. Danny came to him and he asked him. You are too young to be dangerous and you don’t look like a dangerous wild dog. Why they want to kill you? Eric told him. They kill my mother and father in Oklahoma. I tried to kill all the Kansas men I could see. Danny laughed at him and he told him. I like your black ass and you can stay and ride with me or die here in Austin. He joined them.

Danny introduced his daughter to Eric. This is Cheryl Lee. My only thing I hold precious. Me and my brothers raised her to fight, bite and be wise. Eric and Cheryl Lee became friends. Cheryl Lee taught Eric the long blade and the short blade. Eric taught her the bow and arrow. He never attempted to touch her. Danny treated him like a son.

Eric left Danny and he went off alone. He remembered the sad day when Cheryl Lee appeared at his camp. Cheryl Lee was left alone after Danny and his brothers fought the Texas Rangers and lost. She went to Austin and she became a dancer and after a time. She sold her body for gold pieces. She worked for two years at the tavern. She made enough to escape Texas and she wanted to go to California. She told the owner Douglas. I will be leaving in the morning. That night the owner and two men took her to her room. Stripped her down to her naked body. They raped and beat her for five hours. She was weak, bruised-up and had pain everywhere. They made the mistake of releasing her. She washed-up and she dressed in pant and shirt. She open the wood tile and took out her pistol and her short knife. She put on the gun belt and put the knife in her boot. She rested till the sun from the east appeared. She went downstairs and she saw the owner Douglas. She went to him and he laughed at her and he told her. You are just a whore and you will die a whore. She raised her gun and blew his head-off. She went up stair and she cut the throats of the two rapist. She gathered all the gold pieces. She packed water, bacon, flour and corn. She loaded her horse and she went west. She wanted to go to California and swim in the sea. Her body was sore and beaten. She rode for 8 hours till the horse had to rest. She heard the noise of Cowboys near and she saw the town people riding toward her. She raised her rifle and pistol. She looked to the sky and she whispered. I’m coming dad. Going to die standing. All of a sudden. The town folks turned around. She turned around and Eric, Dominic and Eddie were behind her. She turned and she pointed the rifle at Eric. Eric told the men. Don’t shoot her. He walked toward her and he told her. Cheryl Lee. I’m Eric. Remember me. The black Indian. Cheryl Lee looked crazy and she stared at Eric. She fell to the ground crying. Eric went to her and he saw the bruises on her face and body. He whispered to her. No-one will hurt you again Sweet Cheryl Lee.

Cheryl Lee turned around and she looked at Eric face. She knew he loved her and she was safe with him. She never left his side and she wasn’t right after the night in Austin. Eric was kind and gentle. He made her human again. She told him daily. Please Eric. You and the boys. Let’s go to California. We can be reborn in California.

Old man John learned the weather would break in one day. They would leave for western Texas on Sunday morning at 4 am. Loca Amber told him. One of the boys in the saloon saw Eric in the Western territories. He was hiding and resting in his regular safe havens. Today was 110 degrees in the shade. Sunday support to be in the low nineties. He would find the rest of the men and women. They must gather and make the final plans.
John Castellenas/Coyote

Dark days of Texas- Day one, Sunday morning
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
A new chapter


Dark days of Texas-Day one- Sunday morning

Old man John awoke early. He had a lot to do before Sunday. It was early Saturday and the 7 a.m heat was 105 already. He left Wolf woman Sherry in her soft bed. He whispered to her. Please stay inside and rest. We will have a 7 p.m meeting tonight and you need to rest while you can. She rose-up and she kissed him. She whispered. You need to rest today. Western Texas isn’t going to be kind to us.

He sat in the saloon alone. He spread the Texas map on the table. He ordered some black coffee and chew on some bacon and eggs pondering the western Texas range. After Austin was open territory and the Mexican border. Last real town was Fort Griffin. He knew Eric liked this area. A large area free of men and the desert kept her secrets. He knew Eric’s father taught him the watering holes and the safe places. Eric wasn’t disliked in the free western Texas. The Apaches who were left, respected him and the Mexicans small villages held silence. The Mexicans held great dislike for the Texas Rangers. They did little good for them. He knew Eric would be on the Mexican border. Easy access to water, food and whiskey. Loca Amber told him last night. Eric is 80 miles from Fort Concho. He is near the Colorado river waiting for you. I would recommend you leave Texas alive and go home. Dirty Deed Eric don’t give anyone second chances.

Old man John knew. Amber was two-faced and cold. Her husband big dog Luke was an outlaw. He and Wild Buck Jalan put him down her husband five years ago. He knew Amber would cut his throat if she could. She was a full-busted lady with bright red hair and she had the bluest eyes he ever seen. He knew she was setting them-up. He knew Eric had the advantage. He knew the land and he was protected by the natives. Old man John heard. Eric healed people liked his father did. He was safe and sound in the western desert. He knew Eric trusted few people. He had Dominic the butcher, Moon shine Eddie and Sweet Cheryl Lee with him. Rare occasion he traveled with many men. Eric was wise. He knew many men would be noticed and he would be traced and found by the Texas Rangers looking for him. He caressed the map. He knew finding Eric and his people was like looking for a flea in a haystack. He knew. He had to tempt him out into the open somehow.

Loca Amber gave a note to Old Richard, half Apache and half Mexican. A fearless man who knew Texas. Old Richard was a fearless tracker and she gave him gold pieces, 10 bottles of whiskey and a note for Eric. The note read.

Dear Eric
Handsome John, Wild Buck Jalan and Berserker Kurt are coming your way. I ask one favor my dear friend. Make them suffer and die slowly. Do this for my dead husband and me. They are leaving on Sunday for Fort Griffin. I told them. You are near the Colorado River. Be ready. Love Amber

Old Richard took the note and he kissed Amber hand. He told her. Your wish is my command. Remember I want the second part of the payment when I return. She smiled and she kissed his lips and she whispered. You know I would do anything for their bodies to rot in the Texas sun. Dear Richard. Payment will be pay when deed is done.

Amber went to her room. She held the photo of her husband Luke. Luke was called Big Dog Luke because of his size and he always had large dogs with him. Year ago. Amber and her family left the east coast and they were heading to free land in California. Crossing Oklahoma, they were attacked by the desert Indians. They killed her parent and they had held her as a prisoner. She heard fighting and screaming. She was scared and she started to pray. She looked-up and she saw Luke. Luke smiled at her and he told her. Praying don’t help out here honey. Only things worth a nickel is your knife and gun. Are you alright honey? Amber rose-up and she hugged him. He was with four bounty hunters looking for wanted men. The four bounty hunters told Luke. Let’s rape her and leave her in the desert. Luke told them. You touch her. I will kill you and I will feed you to my dogs. Late one night. Luke heard screaming. The four bounty hunters had stripped Amber to bare skin and they had her legs spread wide. Two of them had their pant to the ground ready to rape her. Luke shot the standing men instantly and he aimed his rifle at the men holding down Amber. They released her and they begged for their lives. Amber told him. Kill them now. If you don’t. Their word against your words. Luke told the men. Get your damn horses and leave now. Leave you rifle and guns here. A month later. Luke was a wanted man for killing the two bounty hunters. Amber smiled and she remembered. Luke taught her how to shoot the long rifle. Took two-day. She was nervous and he wouldn’t give-up. She remembered shooting the pistols for hours till she could put a can down at 50 feet. He taught her the short and the long blade. She remembered laughing at Luke. He showed her the knife dance. Using feet, body and knife as one. She loved him so. No-one mess with Amber. Loca Amber had her snakes and she did the deadly knife dance. She was a dangerous lady.

Old man John watched Amber walk away. Today he would get Kurt and Jalan to get the wagon ready. Tammy and Shirley to order and pack the food and water. He would send Wolf Woman Sherry to get some medicine and the best opium/whiskey. He knew even in the desert. The horse and man need to eat and rest. He touched Fort Griffin on the map. He whispered to himself. Last rest area and maybe a three days trip in the heat. He felt very old today. He looked at the 9 a.m sun and he wished for the Michigan Winter. He needed the cold today.

John Castellenas/Coyote

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