‘Humble and kind’

Humble and kind


The old man sat by the St. Clair shore lake and he watched his grandchildren run and play. He had lived a long life and he knew. He knows too little and he knows too much.

Life is an honest teacher. Leave us with memories of the good days and the bad days. Life will teach us to appreciate the good days and to make them last forever. The bad days and the heavy regret of hurt given and received need to be forgotten and left behind.

The old man watched the dancing waves of the St. Clair shore lake and he remembered. Warm and kind embrace of beautiful woman, standing in the clouds in towering mountain in Central American. Suicide boarding the great storms of the Winter storms of California. He remembered his friends laughter and dancing till closing time with kind women.

Old man smiled as the three grand-boy are running wild in the dancing waves. He looked to the sun and to the sky. He told them. Thank you for the new day, thank you for good friends and healthy children. Please help my world. I want a safe place for all children.

The boys fall to his feet and demanding attention. He rose up and join them in the St. Clair shore lake water and he knows. A good life is a man who is humble and kind. The real wealth of a life is love near and many friends.


John Castellenas/Coyote