‘The crazy one’

The crazy one

Beautiful lady can make me laugh when she dances to her own song. She is my crazy one. My wildflower who knows open roads and can make the sad days more brighter.

She is my barefoot lady who love the sea and drinking tequila on the quiet beaches. She don’t like sad faces and she loved long embraces and sweet kisses. She dresses in the style of free-spirit and calm soul. She told me often. Life isn’t to impress the world. Life is to taste the tequila straight and to live life without walls and doors to lock us in.

She told me often. Johnnie, you know war, work and bull-shit. You are so damn sane. You will die not seeing the real sea. You will not know the beauty of the clear blue sky and the never dancing freely without the chains of life heavy loads. Please Johnnie, come with me to Big Surf. Let’s drink the tequila and watch the sun-rise from the east and the sun fall into the west.

Me and my crazy one. We spend a week on the Big Sur beach. We found the free people. We sang songs of freedom and hope. We laughed and danced till we could no-more. I learn she was right. I was bought and sold. My mind twisted with lies and fake tales. I forgot to see how wonderful the beautiful Pacific was and I forgot to see the open valleys and the mountain ranges. I re-learn life wasn’t money, war and toys. My crazy one taught me. Real wealth is many friends, laughter and peace.

Today I remembered my crazy one and I whispered to the Lake St. Clair. Please tell my beautiful free lady. I understand. Thank you dear lady for making my eyes see the real beauty of life. I pray you are safe. Dancing on Big Sur and now I teach my grandchildren. Dance, sing and love nature. Maybe they can become the crazy ones?

John Castellenas/Coyote



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