‘Just might’

Just might


She gave me a kind smile as we danced the Texas two-step. She whispered in my wanting hears. “Dear Johnnie. People are foolish. They long to stay and long to escape in the same second. Few of us stop to dance and talk. Love is holding hands and create memories”

I told her. Dear Amie. Most of us live a lie. Become so messed-up. Can’t tell the truth from a lie. Love could be at our feet and we cannot see her. We are consumed by the wrong things. Wise people find time to Texas two-step and shared days and nights together create bless memories.

Amie laughed and smiled at my words spoken. She looked deeply into my eyes and she asked me. ” Johnnie, how do you stop a wild river going downstream? How do you steal the need of the highway and the need of drink and the motels from an untamed man?”

I brought her closer and we moved with the song. I told her. Even the river end-up flowing into the sea. Great storms become quiet and untamed hearts and soul must find shelter and love. I believe. Love comes when love want and dear Amie. Lets dance the Texas two-step till 2 am and find the Austin River at closing time. We just might be blessed with the gift of love and friendship. Need time and great effort.
John Castellenas/Coyote