Snowflake and the time traveller

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer and artist.


FullSizeRender copy Snowfall and the time traveller – artwork © Eva van Beek 2018

She lifted her head and noticed the clouds
bringing snowflakes from the East.

And while an old song was playing
she thought, with a certain amazement,
that snowflakes had always been dancing
exactly the same,

year come,
year gone.

She was taken back to these once upon
excitements and longings
to a time where snowflakes
were crystals of promise
of a world still unmapped.

And while she listened to the old song playing
she realised, with a certain nostalgia,
that she had been travelling
from snowfall to snowfall
forgetting about childhood’s promise.

She now had arrived at the country of duty
in a place where snowflakes
were drops of frozen water
with no chance of survival

But now, while the snowflakes were tumbling
they seemed to remind her
that they’d always been dancing
and will be dancing


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