——An Open letter—— black color is not bad as many think of it but bright color make them dejected and depressed it.

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how a human hates to an another human as he is also one of them as same? only just because of color.. gosh !! seriously I’m sad to see this kind of thinking is spreading and surrounds us that how many people can keep such a futile reflection with them. I mean, after getting so much of knowledge and having sound background, and well awared of all. then why people give so attention to artificial rather than seeing natural one. it’s been from past years. I have been seeing from my childhood to yet that how people do differentiation between the colors. and always talk on people’s shades the most as an issue. ‘like a shit, which they speak from their mouth’. ‘as a hell’. this topic for them is like crispy where they more roast upon it.. I’m very num and upset to see this kinda stuff in in…

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