‘Define love’

Define love
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Just words

Define love
Pretty lady in the Austin Tavern told me,
Love and sex is the same dear Poet.
Us desperate folks just need enough to be alive.

I told her. Sex and love aren’t the same.
Sex is easy, just a release of body fluids to know seconds of peace.
Love is hard work and effort.
Love is holding tighter in the bad days and celebrating the good days
with joy and laughter. Building bridges to strengthen bonds and to
become one in life’s journey.

She smiled sadly and I caressed tender hands that had turned cold with disappointment.
I told her. Sex is humping and pumping till the body is content.
Love is ensuring your love has her favorite treats and going out
of your way to ensure they are safe and sound. Making them smile
and laugh into deep night. Doing nightly slow dances and creating a long
life filled with travel, adventure and joy.

The pretty woman laid her head on my shoulder and whispered.
What if love is dead and can’t be found in a heart filled with sorrow?
Old Poet smiled and told her. If you ain’t dead, love is waiting. Loves comes,
when love is desired.


John Castellenas/