The Water, the Sky and the Earth. chapter 9-14

The Water, Sky and the Earth. Chapter 10.

Road trip with Morningstar.

“In my lifetime. I met people who held power. I was amazed at their knowledge. Sometime warning come when you don’t expect them.”

“They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but
they never kept but one: they promise to take our land, and they
took it.”

“The Gulf of Mexico has billion gallons of oil suffocating the animal life.
Poor Japan had nuclear plants sending poison into the sea. The Native
American pray and cried for the land, sea and air. Everyday one animal is
lost forever. The trees are being cut down that allow us to breathe and eat.
Old wise Native American fear. White man won’t be happy till all that is beautiful
is gone.”

Coyote took Highway 2 to Mexico. He passes Monterey. He loved the city. They called him the dark Poet in the city. He carry his poetry books and read poetry at all Poetry readings. He wanted the young people to think and describe life and emotion. He was called the old man of poetry. He looked in the truck mirror. His 19 year face was tire and old already.

He saw at a distance. A beautiful woman in a long summer dress. She was hitchhiking. He smiled and told himself. She looked safe. I hope. He stopped his truck and asked. Where are you going? She smiled and told him. “I’m going to Big Sur.”

He told her get in. He asked does she have any possessions. She told him. Only what I need. She worn a small backpack. Her auburn hair flowed down her back. Her slim tan body was beautiful. The summer dress did not hide her body. She was in her late twenties.

He asked her. Her name. She told him. “I have many names. For you. You can call me Morningstar.” Coyote asked are you of Native American blood. She smiled and told him. ” I was born here when the land was empty. I saw great things and have lived for a long time now. My tribe is forgotten. Only the spirit are left to remind the one’s with vision what is important. My tribe was the Cayuse. We are lost and forgotten in the wind.”

he reached out and touched her arm. She took his hand. Moved it to her face and to her hair. She smiled and she told him. “I’m not a ghost. I have many names. Some call me Nagual, I was called a herbalist in Mexico. I have been accused of being a shift changer by many.”

He asked her “Why are with me today? I’m no-one. I have too many damn questions that can’t be answered. Number one. Are you testing my common sense. ” She touched his head and neck. She told him. ” You are the dreamer. You have the ability to see the future. In the days of my youth. The dreamers told us not to trust the white man. We did not listen. Our innocent was our weakness. We did not believe the white man would kill off the population to take our land. They murder and killed without thoughts. We learn too late to listen to the dreamer. Few people are born that can see the world with the real vision. Most go mad before they learn to control.”

He asked. “You are real in appearance and I can touch you. How can it be you have lived this long? It is not possible.” She look at the sea. Told him. “Life is simple. The water, sky and the earth is what we need. The earth move in constant rotation and there are many mysteries few can see. You took the medicine to open your mind this morning. You have open a door to a new world. I came to you to help you understand. Don’t allow fear to control your thoughts now. You need to see Don Francis and drink the peyote tea in ration. The dreams will be stronger and you will understand your gift. The Native Americans have the responsibility to try to save what is left. The time is limited. Your dreams have told you this already.”

Coyote saw the River Inn. He asked Morningstar would she like some food. She smiled. Told him. “To eat food would be wonderful again.” She reached over and kissed him many times. She whispered a quiet prayer.
” Protect my brother.
Allow the four winds to show him the way.
Give him wisdom and strength.
Allow him to dream without fear.”

Coyote parked the truck and walked to the passenger door.
Morningstar was gone. Coyote walk around asking did they see a woman in a summer dress with auburn hair. The people of the River Inn were use to crazy folks. Allowed him to stand in confusion.

He drank some Irish beer and ate lunch at the River Inn at Big Surf. He thought he was losing his mind. He whispered “Damn acid screwing me up. I need to get to Little Wolf and Don Francis before I lose my mind.”

At the Tijuana border. The guards waved him through. He got out of the city very quickly. He drove into the desert and saw a man. An old man sitting on a rock. It was Don Francis. He stopped and asked “What are you doing so far from home Don Francis?”

Don Francis gave his kind and hopeful smile. Told him “I was waiting for you. An old friend whispered to me,  you were coming today.” Coyote asked who told you I was coming today?

Don Francis told him. “No secrets when the spirits of life and earth are involved. I’m here to take you home and make you stronger. Little Wolf is waiting for you. She has a good meal for you.” Don Francis pour a cup of tea and gave the tea to him.

Coyote smiled and felt peace again. The cranberry tea was good. He thanks Don Francis for being here and waiting.

Don Francis touched Coyote shoulder. Told him. “To be strong need many teachers. Will make many mistakes. Need a safe place to rest. You must be strong and write down the dreams. Dreams can be changed. But need people with strong minds and a lot of energy to accomplish”

The last three-hour were in silence. He felt safe being with Don Francis. He wonder did Don Francis know of Morningstar? Best question left to mystery. Coyote loved the desert. The beauty made him thankful for this day.


The Water, Sky and the Earth. Red Fox journey.
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

Native Americans lost their spirit and strong heart. Needed to meditate with the water, sky and earth to find the right path.

We thank the Great Spirit for all
the benefits. He has conferred
upon us. For myself. I never take
a drink of water from the spring.
without being mindful of His goodness.
Black Hawk Sauk

What is life? It is a flash of a firefly in the
night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the
winter time. It is as the little shadow that
runs across the grass and loses itself in
the sunset.
Crowfoot, Blackfeet

Trouble no man about his religion-
respect him in his view of the
Great Spirit. and demand of him that
he respects yours. Treat with respect
such things as he hold sacred.
Do not force your religion on anyone.
Wabasha and Red Jacket. Seneca

New Journey

Red Fox had his yearly mandatory military physical in 1986. His body was getting weaker. He had less energy and always felt tire. The rosemary tea did help. Don Francis told him to drink the tea. His body will need help. Camp Pendleton was his home now. Close to twenty years in the Marine. He loved being close to the sea. Gave him some peace. He would roam the backside of California desert and the coastline of Oregon with Coyote when they could. Today he sat waiting for the Doctor at the Camp Pendleton clinic. Coyote and Little Wolf told him. He was getting smaller. Losing too much weight. He held great concern for the answers from the tests he was given.

A young Doctor came in. He asked him. How do you feel Gunnery Sgt.? Red Fox smile and told him. “I will know in a minute. I hope?” The young Doctor with sadness in his eyes told him his white cells were increasing and your body is getting weaker. Red Fox asked. “What are you telling me?’

The Doctor showed him his charts. He explained. “When the body is unbalanced. The body will become weaker. Your body is getting attacked. You have a form of Leukemia. However your case is worst. Your respiratory system is failing too. Many of the soldiers who served in Vietnam are becoming sick.”

He  asked the Doctor. “What can be done? Can anything be done? The Doctor spoke with sadness in his voice. “There is cancer treatment that can slow down the sickness. Some people can live with it for years. Some people will die very quickly.”

Red Fox look outside the window. Watching the young Marines running by the clinic. He turned to the Doctor. Asked him. “What is the next step?

Red Fox called Coyote. Told him. “Time for a vacation.” Coyote told him with concern. When and where? He knew his friend never asked for anything. The trip was planned to go to Mexico and see Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat.

They met in Monterey. Coyote found Red Fox sitting on the beach. Red Fox got up and gave him a hug. Thanks him for coming. Coyote saw the weight loss and the sickness in the face of Red Fox. He asked no questions. He saw some of the Army Soldiers become weaker and not return from leaves. He heard stories of the sickness brought home from Vietnam. Many rumors of a cancer caused by the chemical warfare being used. He did a silence prayer for Red Fox. He spend three tours in Vietnam. His mind and body paid a hard price for war.

They listen to Morrison, Dylan and Elvis on the highways to L.A and San Diego. Red Fox finally spoke at Big Surf. They ate lunch at the River Inn. Red fox told Coyote. “Life is fair. We pay for our sins. I left Vietnam and came home. I saw and did terrible things for this government. I have killed many people with my weapon and these hands. I was told I had cancer. My payment for my sins. No time-table for how long I will live. I decided to retire and stay with Little Wolf and die with friends. My people are gone. The Cheyenne are few. I believe Don Francis will ensure I have a good death with friends near.”

Coyote wanted to cry and scream at the same time. He went to the bathroom and cries tear alone. His friend needed him to be strong. After 10 minutes in the stall. He forced a smile and some hope out of his sad heart. He sat with his friend. Told him. “Old Don Francis may know some mystic cures. We have a lot of time for life. Remember we must save the Water, Sky and the Earth. We must teach the world to hate war. Love, peace and protect Mother nature.”

Red Fox smile and told him. “I needed you my friend Coyote. Death doesn’t scare me. Dying alone does. Your words are true. I must do one damn good things in my life. Life isn’t fair. But with the good medicine and hope from my good friends. Maybe I can trick death for a few more year?”

They arrived at the house. Little Wolf and Silent Bobcat come out to greet them. Little Wolf could not believe how much weight Red Fox had lost. She reached her arms around him. Whispered. “My big Cheyenne. I will take care of you and heal you of the pain.”
Coyote saw him taking pain pills. He knew the cancer was in the blood and body.

Don Francis came out. He smiled and spoke. “I have been waiting for you my friends Red. Tonight we sweat out the poison and repeat till the sickness is out of your skin. I have a herb to change the blood. We have much work to do.” Little Wolf with many tears fell in Coyote arms.

The four sit together watching the sun fall into the west on the porch of the house. Little Wolf stood up and light the sage. She walked around them spreading the sage. Saying a silent prayer. They drank the rosemary tea and few words were spoken. In sadness words mean very little.


The Water, Sky and the Earth. “Time to heal.”
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
Sometimes take the want to help another to find peace inside your self.

Time to heal


“The beginning of a thousand journeys begin with one step.”

Coyote and Little Wolf went to the large hills to the west. Little Wolf brought sage and some rosemary tea. They were both filled with sadness and confusion. Red Fox told them. The Doctor told him. The cancer was advanced. Many Marines were dying. Red Fox told them it is the revenge of the Gods against us for murdering the people in Vietnam. Some new sickness the soldiers were calling agent orange. Don Francis told us. He can’t cure the cancer. He can stall it with many types of herbs. He told us garlic changes the blood. Natural ginseng, black cohosh, pomegranate and other herbs make the body defense stronger. We will pray and do what we can for him.

Little Wolf walked quickly. She had a desperate feel to her walk and actions this morning. We did not talk till we reached the ridge of the ancient naguals and medicine men. I carry sage with me in the power bags for years now. I give her the sage from my bag. The location was beautiful. You could see for miles an empty desert home to the free animals and birds. She asked me. Do you believe we can save this world? Are we just people blowing dreams and wishes into a powerful storm that can’t be stopped? Are we nothing? Does life have any true value.” She began to cry and fell into my arms. I knew she didn’t believe the leukemia could be stopped.

I caressed her hair and forehead and I told her. We must believe. Maybe we can be the gentle movement in the stream. Maybe it will grow. People will love the water and the earth. Protect the wild life. We must try. If we fall to be like the cattle. Working, waiting and do nothing but waiting for death. Why are alive? Honey, better to held hope, love and dreams than live for nothing. Today isn’t for us to cry. Today we are here with the ancient one’s and praying for our friend.

She stood up and starting walking in a circle. She put the sage to the air and she requested the ancient spirits to please listen. She touched the match to the dry sage. She did a quiet prayer and we walked together. She requested the old one’s to help a lost Cheyenne brother. She prayed his cancer would be gone and she wanted to hear his laughter again.” I said nothing. I was new to the nagual’s medicine. I had little belief in anything. I knew I had to be strong for my friends. Better to be a listener than an adviser.”

After 15 minutes of walking and meditation. We sat down. She thanks me for coming with her. She asked me. Do you believe Don Francis can help Red Fox? I told her. I hope and pray he can. She laid her head on my shoulder and she cried.

We got back and we heard Red Fox laughing. This was the first laughter in a long while. He was playing cards with Silent Bobcat. We walked in and he looked better. He had some skin color and he got up without effort and he told us. I’m feeling better. Don Francis brought in his daughter from western Mexico. Her name is Jacqueline. She cooked me some food and forced gallons of tea down my throat. Don’t worry kids. I got many lectures from Jackeline. I will stay positive and obey the laws of the new nagual. You will like her. She is a demon.

Little Wolf stood up when a pretty young Mexican with dark black hair and beautiful smile enter the room. I stood up and offered hand and my thanks for her coming to help my friend. She hugged little Wolf and then me. She told us. My father had adopted you. We are brothers and sisters now. We are Native American here too. Sometimes forgotten. The Mayas been on this land for thousands of years. I use the herbal medicine and natural drugs. Cancer is a demon. I will need your support and we will hope the gods are kind. Red Fox is hard-headed and tough. We must cleanse the body and stop the cancer. Sometime we make the body even again. Maybe we can find the miracle?

We sat together and ate soup strong in the taste of garlic and chicken. She passed us the Pomengrated tea and told us. Tomorrow a homemade smoke house. We will use the smoke house to clean the body. Everyone is invited. Early morning before the heat we will do the ceremony. We all agree.

Red Fox cornered me and told me. Johnnie, you must be strong. The girls need you strong. You can’t be a silly Army man now. Got to be hard like a Cheyenne Marine. Don’t look back at the past no more. I learn by dying the true value of true life. Everyday is valuable. Remember you guys are going to teach the world to be strong. Protect the wild beast, save the sea. Make the government quit killing off the natural resources. I will stay with you as long as I can. We can’t allow the dreams to die by sadness. He smiled and told me. Get us two beers now. Don Francis said death is near. Beer is okay.


The sweat lodge
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
Healing need the body to be clean. The mind free of disturbance and knowing calm and peace.

The sweat lodge. Chapter for the Water, Sky and Earth.


“If you are invited to a sweat, the 24 hours previous to the sweat should be spent in cleansing, fasting, prayer and meditation on the intended purpose of the sweat, and you should be free from drugs and alcohol. For the greatest spiritual benefit, these conditions should be met. ”

Chief Joseph and Don Francis worked most of the night. Chief Joseph was content the moon was complete. A blessing for the smokehouse. He had gather the 28 stones and he had the 8 by 12 lodge prepared. He found some sleep after some prayer. Jacqueline had brought the herbs not found in the Mexico desert. Garlic was her favorite. She did like the result of the black cohosh. It made the body become more active and strong. Her favorite was the sheep’s sorrel. Was hard to find lately. She used the sheep’s sorrel in tea. Was a powerful antioxidant for the body. Winthania with Siberian gingeng was the key. Need the mind strong to make the body fight back. Jackeline knew. Cancer was hard to defeat. Need the person body and mind with proper herb to be strong. Her goal was to change the sick body to a healthy body. Proper food, tea and the smokehouse. First steps.

Chief Joseph woke up early. He started to heat the stones. He ensured the four doors of the smokehouse were facing the four directions. He had deer skin to block the doors. He would use his sage he carried for 10 years. The burning of the sage was key. He had to bless each person with prayer and smoke before entering the smoke house. He liked the Apache version of the smoke house. There like the sweat lodges. Was more natural.

Coyote, Red Fox and Little Wolf was awoken by Jacqueline. She brought fresh rosemary tea and bread. She told them. We must eat light. The smokehouse is for many reasons. When we live in the world of bad food, drink and pollution. The body is dirty. The smoke will burn the poison from the skin. I made pomegranate drink for after the smoke house. You will need less clothing and some towels. You want to relax and close your mind in the smoke house. If you feel sick or ready to pass out. Touch me or Chief Joseph. We will take you out. Red Fox looked shaky and asked. Do Little Wolf and Coyote, must they be with us in the smokehouse? Jackeline smiled and told him. We need strength in numbers. The smoke house had many reasons. Can take a clean heart and mind to places of peace. Will clean the body and if you are willing. Free the body of stress and sometime. Great knowledge can be learn.

Coyote told Red Fox. It is  alright brother. Me and Little Wolf are one with you. Jacqueline smiled and drank the tea.

“Healing Prayer
Sacred one,
Teach us love, compassion,
and honor.
That we may heal the earth
And heal each other.
– Ojibway Prayer”

Jacqueline watched the kids sit in silence. She knew they had fear. New ideals are hard learn by this generation. The old way had many things to be saved. The smokehouse was one. Healing for the body and the mind was needed now more than in the ancient days.

Sioux Prayer
Grandfather Great Spirit
All over the world the faces of living ones are alike.
With tenderness they have come up out of the ground
Look upon your children that they may face the winds
And walk the good road to the Day of Quiet.
Grandfather Great Spirit
Fill us with the Light.
Give us the strength to understand, and the eyes to see.
Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.
– Sioux Prayer

Don Francis and Chief Joseph came into the room. They gave one towel to each person. He told Little Wolf and Jacqueline. Wear light Summer dresses and Coyote/Red Fox wear shorts and t-sheet. The rocks are ready. Chief Joseph said a silence prayer as each one entered the smokehouse. Coyote like the smell of sage. He saw the four doors and sat down. Chief Joseph came last. They sat in a circle. He told them to hold hands and close your eyes. He stated a prayer..

Mohawk Prayer
Oh Great Spirit, Creator of all things;
Human Beings, trees, grass, berries.
Help us, be kind to us.
Let us be happy on earth.
Let us lead our children
To a good life and old age.
These our people; give them good minds
To love one another.
Oh Great Spirit,
Be kind to us
Give these people the favor
To see green trees,
Green grass, flowers, and berries
This next spring;
So we all meet again
Oh Great Spirit,
We ask of you.
– Mohawk Prayer

Don Francis sealed the four doors with deer skins. He thanks the spirits of the moon for the good day. He asked the gods of the desert. Please help our brother become strong. The bad spirit of war is in his blood. Please give him strength and will to fight a deadly enemy.

Coyote/John Castellenas


The Water, Sky and the Earth. The long walk.
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
Finally adding to the chapters of one of my stories.

The long walk

“When death is close. Seconds become hours, hours become days, days become lifetimes. Each out-reach of life, human touch and kindness become a precious gift.”

“The mind is barely used. We dance upon the knowledge we can grasp and rarely test the mind. If we used the layers of the mind numbed by false teaching. What greatness could be learn and done.”

“Men had cured cancer with prayer. They used the natural herbs to stop the growth of the sickness in the body. Strong mind and spirit can make body and mind fight the sickness and become strong. If we treat our body and mind with respect. Life can be long and fruitful.”


Coyote sat in the sweat-lodge with Red Fox. They held silence. Don Francis told them not to speak and allow the heat to sweat the poisons out of the body. Coyote like the smell of burning stone and herb. He watched his friend. The man did not fear death. He was a warrior. He had fought against dislike for his skin and face his complete life. Fought in faraway wars and he had survived. Now the war had found him. Don Francis told them. His cancer was man-made. Poison from the sky cannot be cleansed. Just slowed down. Red Fox told him. “Death is always near. Just waiting for us to give-in or give-up. I’m not ready to leave you yet.”

From dusk to early morning. Jacqueline, Little Wolf, Coyote and Red Fox held silence. A hard silence. Coyote saw the sadness and concern in Little Wolf face. She was praying and holding Jacqueline’s hand. At morning break. Don Francis open the doors. Removing the deer skins and allowed the morning air to bring needed coolness to over-heated bodies. Don Francis had brought cold tea and oatmeal for them. Red Fox turn to the morning sky and he told them. “A new day. I believe I will appreciate them more now.” Little Wolf embraced him and she told him. “I saw you and I in a vision. You are an old man and I, an old woman together. Sitting on porch holding hands and watching the sunrise.” Red Fox brought the embrace tighter and he whispered. “I love you dear friend.”

Coyote and Red Fox took a long walk into the morning desert. Red Fox looked strong. He had more color in his skin and he looked like his normal self. He told Coyote. “When I was Vietnam. I dreamed of trees and the rivers of my home. I hated the tropical weather. Heat and rain. Today I love the desert. The peace and calmness make me feel safe. It is a lonely peace and calmness. Don’t worry about me. I saw death and I know death is a part of life. We must be born and we must find death. My friend. What we do in the middle. It does matter. Today I’m thankful. Little Wolf, Jacqueline and you suffered the heat with me. I felt the prayers and caress of friendship. ”

They sat on a ridge. Watching the sunrise. Coyote asked. “Can we save the water, sky and the earth. Or are we just dreamers and foolish for hoping for the world to become a better place. Man wants to destroy the land, kill each other and little concern for the future. I don’t understand the greed of man? Is bad death for the human race the final destination for the hunger of men. Are we wasting our time?”

Red Fox smiled and he told him. “You are young. Still holding on to great dreams. I believe we must follow the old wisdom. Put your feet into the sea or lake. Create a movement of hope. We must teach a better way. Maybe the simple movement can create a hurricane of hope. Show a few the value of the water, the sky and the earth. Men are hard-headed. Men don’t learn the value of life till we lose a part of us or death is near. Today, each day is a blessing. We must help Silent Bobcat and I must fight the cancer. I will follow Don Francis rules. No drinking till my body is better. I will do the herbal medicine and sit and pray in the sweat-house. I need you my friend near. You are my balance. Remember my friend. Life is hard and he is lucky to have known a lot of laughter and to have known true friendship.”

Two friend sat in silence. Watching the sunrise.

John Castellenas/Coyote