Amazing story and words by a talented writer.



White daisies of springs are Princesses waiting for the summer wedding when their Mother Earth weaves her children of Nature patiently with wonderment and colours, when the Autumn Princes wakes up too early before the last bells of the summer leaves fall. As the first flock of snow partially parted ways between the icy wind as the Father Winter just sang out his December poetries, pulling together the curtains of the stars and lighted up the moon like a distant candle, crowning the dark sky. And together the four families mystically gathering together, celebrate the old ways of communion, showering the land with magic dream dust, of transparent rainbows with fiery bulb of the Majestic Sun as unicorns runs about the clock of time and Forest Fairies sung the mysterious ancient songs of the jagged pine mountains erected tall among the land proudly like the Seven Kings of the Seven…

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