Two Poems by Wyatt Martin

Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer.



Lovers Don’t Come They Go

Why should you want any other,
when you’re a world within a world?
–Elliott Smith

Here’s a whisper
I don’t tell anyone

I know this makes you want me more
But I don’t want you
And I love it
And leave it,
Still Warm
Like coffee in an ugly mug
Reflection speaks
At your empty breakfast table

So listen closely

I don’t
Come where
I don’t belong
I’m a world within a world
And when I look at
You from across the room

Your just a costume
I know

see her/she was

In the cafe, darling with the black top
Her hips were very, cherry red lipstick

She sat in my booth, told me what my dreams meant
She was smoking, she gave me a parliament

She was playing with some scales, she threw me a line to fish
I ain’t gonna lie…

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