‘The coyote song’

The coyote song
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
We need to be free to learn and dream. If we get lock in a cage. We are just waiting for death.


The coyote song

Beautiful Lady dressed in a black dress and
blue eyes like a clear river.
Held the talisman in her hands.
Against her heart.
Her red hair blew in the Seaside breeze and
she whispered run Coyote run.

She put the talisman around my neck.
I’m being strangle by so many rules and
I can’t find my way back.
I got lost on my journey.

My lady Shaman brought me closeand
we danced upon the naked beach.
She felt my disease.
She told me.
You are black in spirit and
the Coyote spirit must run free.

The Coyotes were my friend.
Few of us are still roaming and
I yearn to find my lost comrades.
To run with the wind again.
Break down the paper-thin wall of bullshit
Surrounding my life.
Be free.
Howl and yell at the moon.

When your dreams die.
We are just waiting for death to free us.

My blue eye friend.
I held her tightly and
I smelled strawberry in her hair.
The cold of the California night had
brought us closer together.

She gave me long and sweet kisses.
Maneuver her body around.
Lifted her dress.
Wrapped her legs around me.
Her eyes looked deep into my soul.
She whispered.
You are blinded by lies and storytellers and
you can’t see beyond this day.
Your hope has disperse into the wind.
Don’t wait for Death.
He will come soon enough.

We fell asleep on the beach.
The ocean music brought a peaceful sleep.
I dreamed.
I’m running with the Coyotes and
I’m dancing and howling at the moon.
I’m swimming in joy.

The morning light appeared.
My woman of kindness.
Kissed me and told me goodbye for a time.
She raised her hands to the sky and she told me..
Be free.
Don’t be a dog on a chain.
Brake the chain of disappointment.
Don’t be afraid of what is in front of your life.

I watched my protector, my friend and lover
drive away.
I looked at the sun, the ocean.
I thank the lord of life and death for her.

I hear the Coyotes.
They are calling out my name.
Telling me to attack life-like a wild beast.
Eat flesh, taste the blood.
Allow it to penetrate the heart and soul.
Be strong.
Die for a worthwhile battle.
Not like cattle.
Being led to slaughter.

The Coyote can’t be tamed.
Us human are being led to the slaughterhouses
by wealthy and powerful men.
Run with the wild beast.

May 2009