‘The black night and the shadow dance

The black night and the shadow dance

A long time ago in the late night hours of Tubingen, Germany. You and I were wild and free. The yearly Summer festival was alive and well. We were drunk on love and we were drunk on the sweet Summer sweet red wine.

You were my ambrosia. Perfect hazel eyes, long tan legs and you danced to the faraway song like a tempting siren. Who wanted everything and who wanted nothing.

I told you my dear lover.
“The black night is here and the shadows of the night are upon us.
We are drunk on our youth and please kiss me sweetly, please kiss me long.
The black night tells no secrets and
I love to watch you dance to the faraway song.
You make the shadows of the midnight hour.
Come alive and make my world sweeter and darker.
You are my Gypsy princess and I’m the beggar at your feet.
I love when you whisper to me.
I will take care of you and tonight we shall show our real faces.
Release the heavy clothing of life and be bare and free.
Allowing need of the kiss and the embrace to overcome safety and fear.”

I stood up and, me and my German love. We danced by the quiet river. Not concern for the festive people near. I whispered to her. We danced for the moon and the stars. We shall play Dante and dear Beatrice. Drink and fall into love knowing. I will know.
Damn those perfect hazel eyes, damn the gentleness of your voice and I will wish till my death. To have your skin again my skin my lovely. I and you shall know.

The black night and the shadow dance.
Just wishes and prayers for us foolish enough to believe.
Love is near, love can be real.