The lullaby’

The lullaby

The old poet sang a lullaby to the sea.
A lullaby, a sensual woman whispered to me once on a warm Spring day.
“Come live with me and be my lover.
I will be your salvation and you will be my rock to keep me steady.We shall dance and sing for the Spring moon and not allow the world to make us want less”

The beautiful lady ambushed his heart and he learned her appetite for
kisses and embrace. Her charm and sovereign eyes made me blind with hope
and made him wish for more.

Real life lullabies rarely are perceived till too late.
Our heart and mind turn, turn and turn some more.
Love demand payment.

The chronicle of an forever love is like a willow tree.
We must be willing to flex and bend like free branches to keep the sovereign eyes,
bright, content and near.

Love bold, love behold, love dwell where two people hold tightly when the storms
of life is at hand.
Coyote/John Castellenas