‘The touch of life’

The touch of life
A Story by Coyote Poetry
Just words

She sat alone on top of Himalayas mountains. She knew the ending was coming for mankind. Her flowing long strawberry blond hair covered her face hiding her tears.. Her tears have been raining on the Earth since the nuclear bombs were set off by the India/Pakistan war of 2019. Beginning a out-pour of Nuclear weapons to the four corners of the world by fearful nations. Beginning the deadly rain, that dropped acid and poison rain throughout the earth killing all the agriculture.

Today is the 1st day of 2057 and the earth has become dark, lonely and a cold place. The land was dying a slow and painful death. The hope for the few humans left was becoming less and less with each day. The wind brought the disease and sickness to every corner of the earth and the once green earth was black and dirty. Water was polluted and man hunger to destroy Earth was at bay.
Death was peace for the lucky. Ninety -five per cent of Earth population was dead already, only the young and strong still has the ability to live now. The old ones died first. The radiation was a terrible death. The body rotted from the inside. It was a painful and slow death. The hope and dreams of yesterday were forgotten. Now to live another day was a small miracle. The Goddess Nature has retire to the mountains after the battle to save earth was lost in 2032.
She only cries, leaving soft drops of her tears falling everywhere. She cannot stop. Man has abused and destroyed her beautiful green Earth. Polluted the great seas and killed off the animals who roamed the earth and the sea. She prayed and wished God would had helped her. The answer was silence. She raised her beautiful face and cries out. Please help the people of the Earth. Satan was pleased. He was waiting for the end. He saw his victory coming soon. He sat in Hell waiting for the last of the humans to join him.
Mars was resting in Hell. Satan gave him a place to keep a eye on him. Mars tried to sleep but the memories of wars tormented his soul. He watched overbearing nations create wars to test new weapons and they used the children to fight wars. He watched the slaughtering of innocence people and children.

He remember he was standing in the middle of a great battle and boys of 12 years old killing like rabid dogs. He fell to the ground, held a dying child and cries to God. Why is this happening? Silence was his answer and he went to hell and rested.
A old beat up building with two people and a baby sitting by a fire. The woman is sick and barely alive. Bad water and not enough food made the birth of the child a death sentence for the woman. Her husband held the child and he wished for better days. The man Jason was young and strong. He prayed to the Gods. Take my life, not my dear wife. He looked outside and he watched the rain. It has fell everyday of his life. The rain was a curse. It killed off all the food and drinking water. He couldn’t remember a day when it didn’t rain and he wished to see the sun once before he died. Jason hold his wife hands. Her labor was difficult and they had no medicine and proper water and food for her to heal. She held her baby and she rock her slowly singing a mama’s lullaby. They named her Kelly Alexander. The child looked peaceful. His wife was sickly and he knew her time was short.
Jason looked to the sky and he asked God. I know you have forgotten us. Please help my wife and give us a chance and he knew they were wasted words he said daily.
He never knew his parent and he was raised by Mr. C. He was one of the few old ones left. Old C. would tell them stories of when food was bought in stores and water came out of sinks clean and tasty. Now death was quick. The old dreams of yesterday now didn’t mean too much. They were far away.
A man with powerful legs and dressed in white and he walked toward the shack. He knew he has to knock softly. The world was a terrible place and fear could cause problems. He knocked softly on the door and Jason awoke and ran for his shotgun. He goes to the door and asked, who is there? He looked outside and saw a large man dressed in white. The man asked him could he share the fire? He has food to share and water to drink.
Jason knew not to allow stranger in, but food and water were difficult to get. His baby and wife needed the food. He opened the door and he pointed the weapon at the man. The man was clean and dressed in white. He thought he must be a soldier. His shoes were clean. Jason knew only the soldiers has vehicle and food now. The bandits got food on occasion, but they would not share with the poor and sick. The man smiled and thanks him for allowing him in and he offered bags of fruit and potatoes. The wife got up and took the bags to the kitchen. Jason put the shotgun down close by. She whispered thank you so much stranger. She offered to cook and he told her she was very sick. Please rest and I am Okay.
He told her the fire was what he needed. Jason introduce himself and his wife Angela and he pointed toward the baby. That is Kelly Alexander. The man asked Jason could he hold the child. He was so happy and graceful for the food and water. He allowed it. The man asked Angela to come to him and he touched her face. He reached in his pocket and gave her bottles of medicine. He told her you need to be strong to take care of your child. Take the medicine twice a day with fresh water. The man picked up Kelly Alexander and sang to her. “Your hands and spirit will bring life back to Earth.
You will be the shining star to awake a new world. “
He handed the baby back to Angela and he told Jason. Walk 50 yards directly from the door of the shack. There is a alive bush there. Dig 50 feet. Ensure you protect and cover it. The water is clean.  Jason thought the man was a medicine man or Shaman. He told him okay and he begins to fear him now. The man stood up and he touched the baby face and he whispered to the child while kissing her hands.
“You are the hands and spirit of a new day my Angel.”
He thanked Jason and disappear into the night.
Rise of Mars

Mars has been trying to sleep and the nightmares got worst. He dreamed he standing in Somalia and the wars were being fought with woman and children. Torture of non-soldiers. Just babies and innocence woman being killed. Raping and violence all around him. He started swinging his sword killing and killing. He fell down and cries out. What is this shit Lord? Then on the sad day. When two nuclear powers started the end of Earth with the bombs. He escape and hid in hell. Satan welcome him with open arms, to keep Mars at bay will ensure his plan would be complete soon.
Nature roamed the Earth for 10 years. Seeing no hope in sight. She went to her mountains and waited for the end. She dreamed the wood and sea Nymphs were singing at morning at dawn and their songs were so beautiful. She wondered what happen to the wood Nymphs and sea Nymphs?
Satan was ready to celebrate victory and he saw no way possible for him to lose. His deal with God worked out. Neither one was to get involved. He did get involved. Create separation, chaos and hate. And his victory would be his profit. Man did the work. Killed off earth and her life. Mars was awoken by too much noise and he stood up and swung his sword. He yelled shut up, please shut up please. He is alone. Maybe the song was a memory. He decided to follow the music. Kelly Alexander is 10 years old red hair beauty and she is surrounded by the wood Nymphs. They sang to the little girl playing in the dirt. The wood Nymphs touched the dead trees and green appears. Kelly laughed and caressed the soil. Her hands brought life to the dead soil. Years ago she escaped and her father found her at 1 years old. Playing in the dirt and she was surrounded by live plant life. The town protected her now and her green houses are protected by cover and guards.
Kelly sang her spirit song and the plants would grow. Enough food for the small village. Mars appeared in front of the wood Nymphs swinging his sword. They ran behind Kelly Alexander. Kelly wanted to scream thinking he was a bandit wanting to rob her. He stopped and he could not believe. He was in a Green house. Filled with plant life. Fresh vegetables and fruit trees. He looked outside and saw people coming to protect Kelly and he put down his sword and caressed the soil. He asked her was she a angel? Kelly smiled and laughed. She goes to Mar and touches his face.
She told him I’m Kelly Alexander. Who are you giant man? He whispered I’m Mars. Tears begin to fall down his face. He felt hope for the first time in many years. The Village people surrounded him and Kelly told them this was her friend. He was Mars. Jason showed him the small village. He told him of a strange man who gave them food many years ago and he showed them where to find the water. For awhile we were alone and then more people came to us. Everyday more people showed up. We are Okay. The Green houses are limited and we need the sun?
Nature is feeling weak with sadness. She heard a whisper. Sweet Beatrice look at me my love. She saw Mars standing over her. She asked where have you been? He told her. I was hiding in hell waiting for the end. She looked to the sky and she whispered won’t be long till all Earth is dead. Mars took her hand and he told her, Earth is not dead yet.
He kissed her forehead and he told her. My Beatrice I must show you a Angel. Mars and Nature walked hand in hand into the greenhouse. The wood nymphs sang our Goddess is with us. Our beauty has returns. They danced around her. She asked how can this happen? Mars asked Kelly Alexander to come forward. Kelly is afraid of Nature. Nature is tall and her long strawberry blond hair shone like the sun and her blue eyes were like a clear ocean blue. She went to Kelly and touched her face. Nature smiled and she thanked God for the gift of life. She looked at Mars and she told him the child must be protected. She is the gift of life.
Kelly looked up at her and she told Nature I got a story to tell you. Nature walked with the village people. The clouds began to disperse and everyone stopped and cries out. The sun is shining. Jason wished Angela was here to see this day.
New Hope
Nature watched the happy faces. There were dancing and singing. The sun was alone in the sky now and the clouds were gone. Old C. watched Mars and Nature. He knew they were not like them in the village. His life was to protect Kelly Alexander. Mars walked up to Old C. Mars asked. Can we save Earth? Old C. answered yes. Because for 50 years, we quit polluting the planet. The air is Okay now and the water must be cleaned and sanitized. Dirt and rock clean the polluted water. The sun and rain is necessary. The green houses will be necessary till we know the water is safe again.
He looked at Mars. He told him, we are the children of the abusers. We are paying for the sins of a generations of greedy men, and with a hopeful heart he smiled. Asked will you help us Mars? We need to protect the girl. Mars touched Old C. He felt the cancer and he told him stand here and called Nature over. Beatrice touched the old man face and shoulders. The pain become less. She told him I can stop the pain for a time. I need you for a little while longer. He smiled and he told her. Beautiful Nature you must help us.
Kelly Alexander sit at Nature feet . She told her of her great dreams. She wanted to begin a travel to bring Earth back alive again. Nature knew this was a dangerous mission for a young girl and she told her wait 6 years. Get stronger and you will be more powerful and do so much more.
Six years went by quickly. Kelly Alexander is tall and beautiful. Her green houses were miles in length.  10,000 people surrounded the protected area. She was taught how to read and write by Old C. He told her, you know all I can teach you. Remember your strength is limited . If you overdo the spirit song and tried to heal too large of a area. You can died. Mars was always close by and he knew Satan was pissed off in hell. Satan only fears War, because he was the only one with more power then Satan. Beside God.
A sad day in the Village. Old C. died. Kelly Alexander went to the woods and sang. Spirit of life and death.
Take my old friend home to safety. The wood Nymphs sat at her feet and her tears were felt by Nature. Nature came and held her. She whispered sweet Angel of life. You will learn so many disappointments. Your life is to save the Earth.  Kelly asked is it time for me to begin the healing. Nature told her it is time. Satan is beating down the walls of hell and he wants to know how the Earth was coming alive? He felt the pain becoming less.
His heart knew Mars was involved. He heard of a girl and he knew she must died. The word of her bringing plant life and forests back alive. Was becoming truth not myth of magic.
Kelly is surrounded by wood Nymphs and workers. She directed them to caress new soil daily. She told the Nymphs less play and more work. The wood Nymphs begin to sing. Our Angel is going. Our beautiful Kelly please come back alive. Sing with us again please.
Kelly decide to go North. Winter has just broke and the soil would be ready to be rebirth. She used her spirit song. Awoke all the apple trees surrounding the village. The apple blossom were a beautiful site to see. The village came out to say goodbye. She told them don’t be sad. Remember me by seeing the birth of the apples. Your valley alive again.
With Mars and two strong young men they traveled by horse. The roads were not good enough for cars.
The first Village was dark and dirty. A few people came out looking weak and sickly. Kelly looked to old farms and empties fields where corn once grew. She went to the field. She sang and danced. Falling to the ground caressing the dead soil. Mars thought she was so beautiful. She sang to kind earth, come alive again. Feel the heat of life. Reach for the sun and make the earth green and beautiful again. As she caressed the soil. The Wood Nymphs appeared and dance around her. She touched death branches of trees. The trees came alive. Mars felt something was wrong and he went to Kelly. She stopped and she begin to fall. He caught her as she fell into his arms weak and limp. The village people were laughing and crying. The Earth was coming alive. Green buds of life were everywhere and they shouted with joy. They came to Mars and Kelly giving thanks.
Mars was in shock. Kelly didn’t wake up.

New beginning
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
It is terrible. We must lose everything to appreciate the good things.

New beginning
Mars picked up Kelly and carried her away and he sat on a rock with tears falling.
She was breathing weakly and nothing he could do. Beatrice heard the crying of Mars and  she went to him. From a distance she is amazed how the most powerful man and god has fallen to a protector of one child. She went to him and she whispered she is only tired. Beatrice caressed Kelly face. Her eyes opened and she smiled. She ask Beatrice. Did you come to help me? She told her I will do what I can. Mars saw the aging in Kelly face. Her gift took from her. He knew if she kept healing she would not live long. Kelly looked at Mars. Would you die to save a child? He told her yes. Then she smiled and Told him her life would only be useful. If she bring back life back to this planet. Mars shook his head in a sad agreement.
Satan had a plan. He sent a force of men and they killed the two young men who protected Kelly. Mars heard the struggle and he slaughtered the force of men. Kelly was safe. The forest always kept her safe. Mar told her. You shall never leave my vision. Kelly reached over to Mars face and kissed his lips. Thank you my friend. Kelly goes to many villages and she healed the land. Kelly was nineteen today and her face and body was old and tire. Mars had to carry her most of the way to new villages. She would sing to the earth and she would cure the soil. She touched the trees and great forest would come alive. She was healing the dying Earth with her love.
For four years she healed and she lost most of her strength. Nature came daily to Mars as Kelly laid in his arms. Daily healing to keep her strong. On a warm Spring day. She touched her face and she whispered it is time to take her home. The village people surrounded her house. The story of a Angel who brought life back to Earth was now a written story. The new generation of woman and men were kinder and thankful for the gifts of nature.  Kelly was twenty years old and Beatrice held her hands and with tears in her eyes. Powerful Nature couldn’t save Kelly and it broke her heart. She begged God to help this child.
Mars was sitting alone. The wood Nymphs were praying and then they begin to dance. Mars asked why are you happy? The wood Nymphs leader told him. Today will be a miracle. Life will come back to Earth.  Beautiful Kelly will bring life to all the planet today. Mars looked at them and asked would she die? The wood nymphs just sang and dance. Mars sit on the porch. Kelly Alexander didn’t wake up for three days. He looked to the sky and he whispered. Damn God for allowing this to happen. He heard a voice. A large man dressed in white with a beautiful smile. Asked Mars did you miss me? He answered where have you been God of mercy?
Mars heard a voice. Kelly told him meet my friend Jesus. He talked to me in my dreams and Mars caught Kelly. Nature stood behind and then hugged the man dressed in white. He told her she will be fine and he touched her face. She awoke. and her beautiful face and smile came back. She hugged the man. Mars and Nature with the village watched as the man called Jesus whispered to Kelly. She turned to the village. She told them I’m leaving you, but I will never leave you. In my life I brought life and In my death I will become the spirit of life. The rebirth of Earth is now. Please be kind to this world. Don’t pollute it. Don’t destroy everything that is beautiful. Be kind to your family and neighbors.

Kelly Alexander turn so beautiful. Her hair shine of red and her eyes became blue as a morning sky. I’m the Goddess of Life now. Don’t cry for me in death. I will always be with you. The Earth will receive a light rain and life was rebirth in all four corners of the world.
The Goddess of Life Kelly Alexander smiled and then disappears into the light of the sun..
Mars and Nature goes back into the house. Kelly is laying cold and dead on the bed. Jesus walked in. He told them she is fine. She is healing the world with her love.
Mars asked why didn’t you help? His answer was simple. Men and woman needed to learn to be kind and take care of their home. This Earth is the temple of life. Sometime you must go to hell to appreciate heaven.