Spring Equinox

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Spring Equinox

Today is the 21 of March.
Sweet Spring, wonderful Spring is here.
The birds have returned and they are singing praise to the morning sun.
Their blessed morning song to remind me.
The warm days are coming.

The plant life is budding.
The cold soil turning warmer allowing new life to begin and
the hopeful signs of the green earth, is returning.

The young people feel, the Spring fever.
I hear their songs and I see them dancing to the melody of Spring.

Warm days rebirth new hope and the energy to wander outside and play.
Grandchildren are desperate to be outside.
I released them to be free and I watched them run and play.

I looked at the sun and I hear the bird singing near.
The grandchildren are laughing and filled with joy.
I whispered to the Spring Equinox.
Thank you.