Locked doors, fixed schedules and somber life.
Once wild beast can die and forget.
Life is open doors, free days and vibrant life.

My beautiful damsel. I hear your words.
Life is more than what we believe.

We fall into places where we become entangled in the foolish things.
I see you. I hear you.
Coyote is remembering.

He was free one.
Once he had little and he had all he needed.
Now he is weighted down with poundage of useless dreams and goals.

The Gypsy spirit is rising and
the wild and sweet Damsel whispering.

Run with the wind and dance with the sea. Find true face and save yourself.


No schedule, no destination and find the places where we are truly alive.
Thank you kind friend. I’m listening.

Kind and wonderful Damsel.
I hope you can find your place of joy and happiness.
Old wise man once wrote.

Sometime we are supposed to be where we are. We were brought here to be the elders for our children and a safe haven for the people we love.

The long ride is sweet, maybe love can take us where we belong.