Captain Jim and the Water Witch

Please listen and read the work of a talented writer.

Sirena Ross

In the land of Ballard in a Shilshole slip lived Captain Jim and the Water Witch, his ancient ship. At only five feet tall and three feet wide, Jim was mean in spirit and tough of hide.

If a Mariner said the Water Witch should be sunk deep below, Jim gave him the old Heave Ho.

Without batting an eye or making a stink, Jim would throw the offender into the drink. The fool’s eyes would pop and his head would explode because the water at Shilshole is a thousand knives cold. Fool should have known better, water like that requires a heavy sweater.

Jim kept himself occupied with the Water Witch’s repairs, every season he stripped the paint bare, rotten planks replaced and holes to cement. It was said the old wood boat was kept afloat by Jim’s loud laments.

There was one person that silenced Jim’s blue streak…

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