Midnight invitation’

Midnight invitation

The night was long and the song was very good. Downtown Austin was alive and well. 5,000 people gathered together to celebrate the New Year. I roamed alone seeking the good drink and the company of people enjoying the night. No strangers in the city of Austin tonight. I didn’t seek the woman like a desperate man no-more. I learn a desperate man is scary. Now I was the drinking man who smiled and enjoyed his drink. Better to be a mystery than a sale man in the need of love and good company.

I loved Austin, Texas. I fell into her like a perfect fitted glove in the mist of people seeking dance, song and drink. Tonight I went to new wave club. The least people were in this place. The woman danced alone and were perfect Texas beauties. Long legs, wild and ill-tempered if tested. I drank my long Island teas watching the young woman dance. I liked new wave clubs.The women would flow and move to the metal type music. No organized steps and the woman dressed in loose clothing and allowed their legs to be seen.

I was awoken from the dance and the music by three Texas college girls. All wearing t-sheets and belts. Perfect legs stole my eyes and I said hello. They smiled and asked. Why don’t you dance? I told them. I don’t like to disturb perfect beauty with a un-balanced man. They laughed at my comment and they introduced themselves. Susie was a perfect red-haired Texas girl. Long legs and beautiful freckles on pale skin. Diane was a brown-haired beauty. A Boston girl studying to be an English professor and Daniela, a Belton, Texas girl with the bluest eyes I ever seen. I told them my name was Johnnie. Wandering soldier, poet and drunk. They shook my hand and Daniela told me. It is New Year eve and you cannot be alone. You will dance with us and have some fun. Or sit here alone dying in the drink.

I gave them my best Michigan smile and I told them. Be my honor to dance with you kind and beautiful ladies. We danced to the new wave music. I floated with the three ladies. Not seeking touch or kiss. I learn years ago. Allow the woman to lead. Better to go slow and easy than force an unknown ending. At 12 A.m. Three ladies embraced me and kissed me. The English major shared her story and we discussed Donne, Dryden and Ben Jonson. After the club closed down. We wandered down to the Austin river.

Diane and Daniela held my hands as we drank the tequila and whiskey hidden in my truck. Diane stayed with me. She knew I was drunk and she told me. I will stay with you my soldier, poet and drunk. You are a lucky man. Few midnight invitations offered in a life. I told her. You are a gift and an honor Diane. Lets wait for the morning sun and take a drive to the Texas sea. She smiled and she agreed.
John Castellenas/Coyote