Leave It All

Hopeful and powerful words by a talented writer.




Come one 

Come all 

As this poet right here 

Writes with purpose 

And tends to recall 

Words and phrases 

From the back and front 

Of my mind 

For my words and thoughts 

Just fall in line 

With each and every rhyme 

And would if I could 

Buy my time as to do this even longer 

And caught up becoming even stronger 

As poetry 

Flows in and out of me 

Like the vast waters of the many seas 

Answering this calling and destiny 

To be the writer 

That soars higher 

Always on fire 

And will stay this way 

Until I expire 

To bring to the world 

The very pearl that is missing 

From the oyster shell 

As I 

Feel compelled to do 

The mission that I accept and choose 

And not wearing lead shoes 

For me and poetry 

Have so much to do 

Before we are through 

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