Earth – Our only Home

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Scribbled Verse

Earth – Our only Home …

When shall we awaken from our inebriated sleep,

to hear the pangs of pain that our mother Earth does weep?

When shall we shun the myopia of selfish greed,

to realise that we pillage more than we ever need?

When will tear our sewn eyes open,

to tend to our mother, as she shrieks, bruised and broken?

When will we vanquish the actions of governments, the corporations, and all those who callously loot,

as they strip bare our Earth without giving a hoot?

Will it be in our lifetime, that we shall make a collective stand,

isn’t the hour of action now at hand?

Will we sit by quietly, intoxicated and enmeshed in our apathetic deeds,

while our mother Earth still gives of herself even though she bleeds?

Will we be that generation that condemns our children’s children to inherit an Earth plundered and…

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