Rose colored glasses

Rose colored glasses

Sin, gin and too many bad night. Once we knew love and tonight we have forsaken ykindness. I remember when, You and I, held hands by the Lake Clair and watched the boats go by.

You used to sing words of love to me into the midnight hour and I use to bring roses and wine to you. We danced to the midnight moon and I whispered love words to you.

Somehow we got twisted-up, now I sing to the moon and the stars.

“Dreaming, believing and needing us.
I need to remember how you saved me and you begged you to stay.
I need you and please forgive me dear Jenny.
I will show my real face and take-off my rose-colored glasses.
I will tell you, you are my everything, my only sweet gift received in my messy life.”

Dear Jenny waiting for a man who forgot her, he loved his gin and he loved the money.
She was waiting for a miracle. She wanted the man who needed her kiss and wouldn’t allow her to leave the bed in the early morning. She wanted love words and she wanted proof. She was is only wish and need.

Lone man walk into house early with some red roses and some red wine. Pretty lady is waiting. He goes to her and he whispered, please forgive me Jenny. I remember you, I remember us. Let’s take off the rose-colored glasses and talk till we can find the place where loved was alive and I needed you close and near.

Soft tears fell from her eyes and she whispered. Let’s forget the past my love and let’s drink the wine. Let’s begin this night anew and hold on tighter. Fools, we can be or we can dig so deeply. Make our hearts and skin bleed till we learn.
I need you, only you. Not a stranger.

The Midnight moon smiled. Two people dancing as one. Rebirth love was alive and well. The stars and the moon danced in the darkness of the long night.
John Castellenas/Coyote