Three poems by Ibrahim Clouds

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.


goshawk-birdPhoto Credits: Pinterest Images.

EAGLE BIRD(In Yoruba Ijala poetry form)

Great hunters,
I greet you all,
I, the true son of a dog
that chases after a fox.
I greet spirits by the wall,
may our gun never miss targets,
may we be blessed by the great forest.

I eaulogise the demonic angel
whose beak will crash even the tortoise shell,
I praise her,
her mighty legs
that hold down her preys like pegs.

When she swash down
from the multitude of clouds,
the hen will run!
Forgetting her chicks,
her proud
arms will she put atop her head
like a woman shouting for help.

Black eagle
black devil,
the white rays from your food
searching eyes
penetrates even rock’s intestine,
and your finger nails as sharp as spikes
will dig into hen
cast out her spine.

You are the stealer of eggs,
the one who taught snake such evil…

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