Poem for Poetry month of April- A wish

A wish upon a star
(A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Old dreams never fade away.”

A wish


Every night before I close my eyes.
I whisper your name to the Pacific ocean and the raising moon.

I make a wish to kiss your lips,
to feel the heat of your body.

I sent you a prayer,
a prayer you have found happiness.

I held you so tightly once,
but I saw the loneliness,
the hunger for the road in your eyes.

My wandering Italian Angel was dying, wishing to stay with me and needing to escape my embrace.  I saw the goodbye before the hello and I knew. Can’t love the wind or a woman, wanting to run.


I drove you to the airport,
I watched as you fly away from me,
I whispered I would wait for you.

I knew when you set a wild animal free,
they will never come back.

I drink the tequila now and when the tequila kicked in,
I run down Big Sur beach yelling your name.

Beatrice, my Beatrice.
Sweet name to my aching  heart.

I sit by the bay,
after the tequila killed all my senses.

I dream I can see you dancing nude on the beach.
Whispering to me.
” life is to be lived. Don’t wallow in sadness.”

You told me once you love me more than life..
I will never leave you. A sweet love can create a prison and a paradise.

I close my eyes.
I see my beautiful lady wandering the world.

I  make a wish to have your hand in mine,
Us, taking long walks on the Monterey sand. You and I.

I’m waiting for you on the Big Sur beach.
I will make a wish on the first star in the sky.

To be able to look into your eyes.
Tell you I love you.