I need you, I need you

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I need you, I need you


Pretty lies, pretty faces and pretty songs.
Wounded people accepting less, wanting more.


Where do we go when the blackness of the night is sweet.
Deep beers and long slow dances with strangers in dark taverns
become acceptable ending for the dreamer.


Once, love was life and life was love.
The sweet hello were the blessing near, tender voices whispered promise and kind words were honored words.
I sing to the whiskey and the beer.
Please call my name my sweet, my honey.
Please bring me near and I remembered.
Our once interlaced bodies had allowed the great sea to steal my sweet dreams ands wishes.


I sing to a lady blue on the lonely dance floor at the tavern. Her eyes looking into my eyes and she asked. Make me some sweet promises. I need kind words and soft kisses, even some lies could make me smile my lonely poet.

“I whisper to her.
I need you, I need you.
Stolen kisses, stolen memories, we are.
You are so beautiful.
I want to kiss your tempting red lips,
I want to run my hands through your long brown hair.
I want my hands to know, your every curve and to discover every scar on your willing skin. You are my only kindness, my only gentleness and my blessing in the darkness of my life.”


The pretty lady, tears fell from her brown eyes and she smiled. She kissed me, she smiled and she whispered. I need you, I need you. Sweet Poet, don’t release me.