Two shots of happy, one shot of sad


Two shots of happy, one shot of sad


I painted pretty pictures for us, I made landscape of perfect and beautiful places. But we danced on the thread of real words. We were thieves, just accepting enough.


We loved the whiskey, we love the dance and we never show real face. You were as pretty as the deadly midnight moon and I was twisted-up as a hanging rope. You told me often. We are like two shots of happy, one shot of sadness. Wanting laughter and love filled nights, then we will escape before morning sun.


I touched your angelic face and allowed my hands to touch perfect flowing auburn hair and I held your hips. I looked into your hazel eyes of wild green, blue and brown. I told you.


Sophia, Sophia.
Love can be sweet, love can be bitter.
You and I.
Wanting everything and wanting nothing.
We pray for warm skin near, we pray for hot and sweet kisses .
And we plan our escape in the same seconds.
You and I had accepted.
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad.