A lifetime

A lifetime


Regards to you, my pretty lady. Once I fought the world with great anger and I have learned disappointment. I told you often. Your words are true. You told me. “I watched you since I found you. You held great dreams and now. You have not won and you have surrendered. Made terms with the enemy in your heart. Please come back, please become what we support to be.


I spend a lifetime looking for someone or something to spark my life. Once love was my desire, once saving this world was my dream and once. I wanted to touch the top-peak of the mountain peaks, dance with a woman, like you on the morning tide of the Pacific. Someone to pray with, sing with and know laughter with.


The irony of life is fair. We learn. We are just here for a second and we can’t save the world, that don’t want to be saved.


The old man prayer, the old Poet last words.
“Love denied will break our heart,
Love become wisp and tale for the dreamer.
The dreamer dream, the singer sing and the poet shall write.
All shall fall when they learn.
Life can not be merciful.
We will run and run,
in a circle till we cannot no-more.
Fall and pray for mercy.
We will long for things gone and we shall learn.
We are just skin and bone.
Born to take from kind earth and one day.
Become part of her.
A wise person find something sweet and wonderful.
A kindred angel to give him hope and mercy.”


Regards to you my beautiful lady. I will accept my journey and savor a wish and a dream. The elixir of life can be bitter and if we are brave and kind. I will try to save my world near and I will try to be a blessing and kind heart in a world that is cold and lonely.


In a whisper to the stars and the moon. I send my words to an eloquence and beautiful lady. I pray to the midnight moon. Please make her happy, make her know joy and find her proper place. I want her to dance with the polar bears, sing with the morning sun and know the abundance of love true blessing.



I pray to the rising sun. Please help my world. Please send wisdom to our leaders. Please stop war. Men greatest sin. Teaching our children war over love, violence before living and celebrating their youth. Please ensure every child had food and shelter. Please stop the guns and the violence. Allow the children of this world to know the quiet in the night. Not the guns of war.


Dear friend. I was alone once and today. I’m not today. Regard to you. I know we shared prayers and your concern for me. Sweet and so kind. Please never cry for me. Your tears shall break my heart. Old fools cannot change. The old fool must do some good before he joined his elders. Love be sweet, love be kind. Every gift of love is a blessing.