I will never leave you’

I will never leave you

(For Joey, a missed beautiful and kind lady)


I was no-one till you made me feel alive.
You caressed my life with song and love.
You told me often. “Life is longing and learning.
We learn the value of love after it is gone.
When kind words and kind heart make us live again.
We must celebrate every second of the tenderness of sweet love.”


I cannot let you go, my love. Please don’t leave me , my dear love.
You are my light in the darkness. My sweetness when life is so damn hard.
You are the morning sun that make everyday a blessing.
Please don’t leave me, please stay with me till we are old and gray.


Hold my hands and kiss me till we can’t move no-more.
Sweet lady. Without you.
I will be yearning and wanting to find you again everyday of my life.
I know kind and sweet angels are rare.
I will find one day in heaven.
This time I won’t release you my dear love.

John Castellenas/Coyote