Love letters never send

Love letters never send


Old man wrote a letter. He wrote “My dear love.”


What we don’t do. These are the memories that will break our heart forever. You and I. Maybe loco and a bit of tomfoolery. You wanted wide open country and I wanted to blessed by your kind and loving eyes. I prayed to the heartless Gods. Make me know your sweet kisses and to know your kind voice. The great sea separate us and I wished I was a braver man. I want to kiss your beautiful face and to tell you. Love is life and life is love. You are my everything and my last wish.


Wishes and words. Just myth and tale when we accept less. In sweet dreams. You and I are drinking gin and dancing with the Pacific waves on the South America coastline. You and I. Hemingway and Agnes with a perfect ending. We didn’t allow life to keep us apart.


Your beautiful photos and sweet words made a sleeping man believe. Love is life and life is love. You are so far from me and I wanted a Jack London’s adventure with you. To roam to a new and unknown place. You and I.  I wanted us, to be near the sea and to be with you, bare and true. I wanted you to laugh and to dance like the free wildflowers near the Pacific ocean.


Good night sweet and kind lady. Remember the moon and the sun rarely touch. Maybe love is support to be the same, for us to accept less. You told me. I love you dear Johnnie. I wanted you to know. I loved you more.