Love letters

Love letters — part two.


My sweet love. We may be foolish, wishing into a wishing well for things we do not have anymore. I want you to know joy and happiness again and I want us to drink the Ambrosia wine made with the sweet fruits of South America. I want to listen to your voice. To fall into your kind and sweet words. I want us to ascend to a new love where lovers can go. When they know the hazy memory of sad days and forgive themselves of the sins done to them and the sin they have committed.


I want us to dare the Gods, make them smile and laugh. Show them love can win and you and I. Had bled enough and our barren hearts and mind want to enrage the love emotions. I want us to be like children, needing every kiss and holding deep embrace till the morning light. I want us to play truth and dare, to dance on fire and ice. To know real love, will cost plenty.


When I find you my dear love. Cross the great sea to be near you. I would fall at your feet and I would lay in your lap. I would whisper. If it be your will. I want us to know what the ancient Poets knew. Love was the greatest desire and the lovers held delicious pain. Love alive is holy and as sweet as German September red wine. You and I. I want us to seek love topmost peaks and for us to dance, drink and love till we cannot no-more.


Tonight I wished upon the first star. I told the raising star. I have lived and I have learned. Sometime we can know luck and folly and I wished for mercy. I have been fasting in love and my heart know sin, gin and sorrow. I told the star. Please whisper to my sleeping beauty. I miss my old face, the old laughter and the man who loved love.


Good night sweet love. These sentences. Just words whispered to Lake Saint Clair lake by a drowning man. Maybe too old to run. Maybe too old to remember. Love is life and life is love.