‘Killing me softly

Killing me softly

You are my barefoot dream and wish. I have loved you more than anyone or anything
since you came to me in your Summer dress and whispered a sweet hello.


I watched you dance and sing. Your bare feet moving soft and gentle, your perfect body falling into the song and sweet words. Your glances of love stole my will to escape. I yearned for lover kiss and the softness of your hands making my heart come alive with your touch.


You knew you capture my heart. You interlaced my fingers with your fingers and you whispered to wanting ear. “Do you dream of me. Do you dream of me nude and wild my lover. Do you want to fall adrift in the canvas of my soft skin and swim in the ambrosia of the splendor of the kind night.”


I told her as I fell into the touch of her silky skin and drifted into smell of her  perfume of Summer flowers. I will break your heart. Love is a thief and you are a rising star and I’m a mountain. Not moving.


She smiled and she gave me a sweet kiss and whispered. “My heart is already broken and you allured me with your sweet words of love. Tempting smile and I love the look of love in your eyes. I need someone to make me feel alive. Please kill my sadness dear soldier. Dance and sing with me, make me know the sweet taste of love.”


The Poet bring the barefoot beauty near and he told her. We are master and slave to love. The day is long and the night is longer. I would be honored to have you near my dear lover. Killing me softly with your love.


John Castellenas/Coyote