Goodbye California

(Monterey, California)

(California mountains)

(Monterey, California)

(Big Sur, California)

(Big Sur)

Goodbye California


My last great wish, return to California. Last dance with the California coastline and her mountains. I finally did the trip and became content.


12 days in California, arrived in San Diego for three days and a road trip to Palm Springs. Two days in Palm Springs and I was off to Monterey. Four days in Monterey, roaming her coastline from Big Sur to Santa Cruz. Monterey to Idyllwild in the California mountains. I spend two days in the mountains and I was off to San Diego. 2000 miles in 12 days.


The days were easy and wonderful, I saw beautiful places. I saw the San Diego sea and the perfect city. Live music and open mike. San Diego, a perfect place to know. I saw the silence desert and Palm Spring. A city in the middle of the heat and dust. A miracle. Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Cruz. Beautiful. I danced with the sea in Monterey and I fell in love with Big Sur again, God’s country. I saw the California mountains, carved by the hands of God. Quiet, beautiful and safe place for artist, writer and poet.


Took me 24 years to return to California. I pray, not my last time to dance with the Pacific, wander the desert and free-climb the beautiful mountains.


I’m almost sixty now. I learn and I understand now, the old wisdom. Life goes by very quickly, one moment, you are a boy and the next second. You become an old man.


I fell in love with Monterey, Big Sur and the mountains in 1992. She stole my heart. She was perfect landscape and wonderful sea. Her vast desert, perfect place to gather your heart and your soul.


I left California and the four hours in the sky, took me home to the place of my birth. Detroit. I was not sad, I was thankful I had the opportunity to dance with the Pacific Ocean, free-climb the mountains and to wander the desert.


It will be a blessed memory. 2,000 photos later, legs and body tire. I had a happy heart.


Thank you for befriended me dear California again. I hope one day to re-learn the friendship, once again.