Break me, make me believe’

Break me, make me believe


I want to be here. This is the place I need to be,
Pretty lady.
Break me, make me believe in you.
Make me believe in the long night and
make me believe.
You need me.


Kiss me, break me.
Make me live and die in your eyes.


I want your hands in my hands,
I want to feel the tender touch of your demanding hands on my wanting skin,
I need your soft lips upon my lips.
Making me sing out in joy and thankfulness.


I want to hear your soft voice,
telling me.
Please Poet seize my heart and make me beg for more,
I want to sing words of love that will make the Gods smile.


I brought my pretty lady closer and I whispered,
You sang to me and you made me believe.
Love is sweet and wonderful.
I want to hear you whisper.


Break me, take me.
Make me believe you will love till we can’t love no-more.


John Castellenas/Coyote