Dead ends


A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Time for all of us to think and do the right things. Before it is too late for us and nature.


Brothers told no-one they were scared.
They stood on a chair one year apart and told the world to f-off.
Baby sister cried and family learn to live without the laughter
of two strong boys.


Young girl told me she is useless.
Better off dead. She had done many bad things.
No forgiveness for woman who wasted everything she touched.
I told her. “Jesus can forgive, but you must forgive yourself and become wiser
in choices. Stop and think, re-set your journey. Can’t change the past, but you
can decide the future”


Old man sat alone,
thinking of dead memories.
Missing voices gone and not forgotten.
He wondered could he had of changed people journeys?
Could he had have been kinder?


Tears fell from his eyes.
Wars are alive and well.
Old Soldier sat at grave stone of a good friend,
he drank his friend favorite Miller’s beer.
Told his friend. “Kids are strong and beautiful. You are a grandpa now twice.
The little boy looked like you. I miss you my friend, I wished I could hear your
laughter and I know what you would tell me. It will be alright Johnnie, I know you will
be there for my kids.” I leave four Miller’s beer on a lonely grave and pray my friend is watching his children from heaven.


Mass murdered in public place. So many lately.
Just people going to celebrating life,  school, dance and song.
I saw their faces of the family and friends after the shooting.
Exploding with tears and sadness.
Old world is going mad.
Why would anyone kill another in a place of joy or anywhere for no reason?
We need a billion prayers for love and kindness to be rebirth in our world.


“Too much death lord.
Please protect the children.
Please send wisdom and guidance to our leaders.
Lord of life and death.
Please help us. We are being led by Beserkers who want hate over love.
Want murder over conversation.
They desire blood of another because of religion.”


Today we stand on a dangerous edge.
Korea threatening war.
Nuclear weapons can send the world on the final journey. A nuclear Winter.
Weapons and Soldiers cannot bring peace.
Destroying beautiful cities don’t create friendships.


Words of hate lead us to no-where.
We are all flesh and bones.
We know pleasure and we know pain.
If you stand for nothing.
One day you will wished you scream out against war.
One day you will wished you told a love one you loved them.


One day we will be on a dead-end road.
Too late for tears and forgiveness.
I pray and hope for logic and common sense. Need a miracle.
Common people everywhere must stop the Berserkers of war and violence.
Stand together for peace and kindness.
Send food and medicine. Not weapons and Soldiers.
Tell someone you miss and love them. You need them near.