Forget me not and
please remember me always.
I remember you.
You were perfect valleys and you were like the free mountains of the California desert.
Your body, perfect landscape to discover secrets and know wonderful places.
The landscape of soft and tender skin became my rhyme and song to the sea and for the forest.
I remember the taste of your skin and your tempting smile.
You were my perfect journey.
Forget me not and remember me always.
I remember you.
I didn’t know.
You and I were just seconds, minutes and hours.
Today I write letters, never to be send.
Regards to you my muse, my siren, my love and my murderer.
I whispered to the half-moon.
I didn’t know.
Love was just a illusion.
So damn hard to hold on to and we can never forget.


John Castellenas/Coyote