A place to face, she let her heart gaze

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Off the road__

The wild sea, the melted silver gold,

this is where she belong—never thought she could find such breathtaking place,

A place to face, she let her heart gaze.

It was just the starting, the very left side.

to spend some time and let her tears of happiness hide.

Some people start up together but never end up with the same thing.

Maybe they’re afraid to go out wild, and never wanted their hearts to sing.


What she figured out was, this is not just the path,

Maybe a route to some extraordinary shits.

Yeah! Which directly or indirectly into our mind hits. #crazy_route

The moment she realised,

she just not have to capture moments only by her eyes, she have to let her heart feel.

Was the point her soul smiled back to her, and helped her scars heel.

#canyouseethat (the light on the sea)


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