‘Parable of Celia’

Parable of Celia
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
Just words.

Parable of Celia

She sat alone by the peaceful lake. Her pale legs and bare feet being sun-kissed by the late Spring sun. She was wearing a sun-dress of white showing soft and tender shoulders. She was a young man’s wish and an old man’s dream.


She seduced me with simple glances and eyes of ocean blue. She knew she held my attention and I was falling and becoming lost in her natural beauty.


I knew she was a wild and careless child, wanting my attention and she was trying to capture my mind and heart. She showed me her long legs and moving feet. She allowed me to be taunted by her perfect body and smile.


I went to her and whispered. “Dear sweet Celia. You are breaking my heart. You are my Aphrodite and my siren. You make a man want to dance with your body near and dare to dream to have you forever, knowing your love is fragile and fickle.”


Celia smiled and she told me. “Dear Poet, you dark writers need forbidden dance, unrestrained journey into passion and selfish woman. Without us, what would you pen?”


I sat near her, caressing her feet and calves. I looked into her eyes and I told her.
“Captured. Unrestrained. Perfection reached.
The naked dance leading to midnight hour splendor.
Is it worth the payment?”


Celia took my hands. Kissing each one with soft and tender kisses, she raised her eyes and looked at me and she whispered, “The night is for love. We are young and need dangerous places and the illusion of a forever love. Love is like a volcano. Burst into great flames and will die down to nothing again. We are young and we don’t need the restraint of forever. Just enjoy today and tonight.”


I reached over and kissed the sweet lips of my Celia and I whispered her some words.


“Celia, Celia.
My sweet rose.
Dear Celia.
My paradise and sweet dream.
Celia, Celia
If we make no promises, we will create no lies.”


John Castellenas/Coyote