‘The war, the blood and the gun

The war, the blood and the gun


No-one is screaming for the child of war. They have known only blood and the sound of war. Who do we blame my friend?


War is alive my friend, the word peace, is forgotten.
I was, like my father.
Same place and same station.
Accepting new wars like a dinner meal, I support to digest without demanding proper answers.


The sky is black and the earth is red.
Black hearten men run our world. Sending our best to fight and die.
When Johnnie and Susie hands are soaked in blood.
They will come home broke and confused.
What will tell them?
A needed war. You create peace by fighting strangers for the cause of fairness.
Did we create fairness in the new wars?
Did my father who fought in Vietnam and Korea. Did he believe the liars?
Blood soaked lands and the homeless. I don’t believe we are the saviors?


I whisper to my grandchild.
“Sleep little baby.
You are safe today.
Grandpa will keep you safe and sound.
Sleep my little baby.
Grandpa won’t allow the bad things to come to you.
I love you my child.”


July 4th is coming. The war dogs are alive and well. The war pigs are singing their blood songs. Where are the people who love and want peace. I remember my dear Grandmother took me to the airport. Tears in her eyes as I deployed for war. I pray I’m not taking my grandson to a plane one day. I pray we learn. Every life had value, war isn’t the road to peace. war killed the last chance of hope and kindness.


My July 4th Prayer
“Dear Jesus.
We need you today.
Men had lost their way.
Please send wisdom to the leaders.
Make them lead with concern, kindness and love.
Dear Jesus. We need a miracle.
Make angry hearten men learn. Violence and war isn’t the way to a peaceful end.
Please Jesus protect all the children.
Hard world for many and their family.
Happy a good July 4th and I’m thankful.
I have good health and my family near.
Please teach the leaders. Guns and soldiers are not tools of peace.
A kind face, a offer of friendship and gifts of food, water and medicine.
This is the way to the hope of peace.”

Thank you for reading.
John Castellenas/Coyote