Port Austin

Port Austin

Port Austin, in the thumb of Michigan. Touched by Lake Huron.

A gathering for the people who love the lakes and the privacy of the small city and the kind people.

Few permanent residents. Hard Winter and 100 miles away from any large city.

Slow pace and quiet must be wanted. No rush, no malls and no ugly attitudes.

The Lake Huron gentle touches the small city.

You can buy a coffee or beer if desired. You can allow the grandchildren to swim and to play in the wild and dancing Lake Huron.

Great place to pray, to think and to meditate

I will burn some sage, I will pray to the blessed lake Huron, the clear sky and the kind earth.


“Please teach our leaders,
seek peace over war,
solve problems, not create problems.
Please heal my sick friends,
please find a way to stop cancer from killing.
Please help me to do the right things,
Teach me patience for my children.
Please teach our leaders.
Every child, every life is a blessing.
Please ensure every child had shelter, food and a safe place to live.”

Thank you Port Austin,
thank you Lake Huron
Paradise for a wandering and thank you for befriending me.