Saving Amber- new tale- part one and two

Saving Amber

Coyote and his baby coyotes were looking for a monster. His friend Amber been having dreams she was being chased by a demon. She thought he was Pennywise. I knew Pennywise was gone. Many monsters were awoken by Pennywise screams. The new clowns were awoken and they were more scary, dangerous and had more abilities. This monster was hiding and sleeping in Lexington, Michigan. He was listening to the wind and the breeze told him where Amber was. He was growing stronger, digesting the unsuspecting tourist roaming the nearby Lake Huron beach. The rocky beach held the secrets of the missing people and he had infested Amber dreams.


Coyote and his baby found the hidden caves near Lexington and they went to the caves. They looked inside. They heard a whisper and the whisper told them. Come and play old man and brave children. I have a playhouse of horror for you. Just enter and I will tell you a joke and some secrets. Johnnie be good, is waiting, Johnnie be good, is waiting. Come and see what is hidden. Come and see baby coyotes. I have a rollercoaster, cotton candy and forever freedom of the world of adults.


Coyote told the baby coyotes. We need to know his weakness. We cannot fear what we shall find. Demon or ghost, monster or beast. It must be killed. Georgie brought the gas and fire, Joshua brought the sword made of silver and the gun with the silver bullets and Jaden had his grenade and the cat knifes. Double edged and sharp. Old Coyotes had the crystals and the sage. They stood outside the cave, plotting the attack. They arrived in early morning. This would give them time to prepare and be ready to save Amber. Johnnie be good, knew she was near. He was haunting her dreams.


Johnnie be good, saw the man and the three children. He knew this would be different. They knew he was alive in body and he could be killed. He was more demon than human, more beast than man, but he could bleed. He saw the future and he saw his death. He looked into the standing water and he saw his face. He wasn’t a clown, he wasn’t a man, he was just skin and bones screw-up till you became ugly and hateful. He had killed thousands and he laughed at the old Native American’s name for him. The flesh eater, who killed and held the souls forever. They left him be. Old joke for the tribes was to send the white men to him to consume.


Coyote and the boys decide Grandpa would go in first. Make the demon come-out and face them. Johnnie be bad, was singing a song to Amber. You can’t stop the wind, can’t stop the sea and dear Amber. Your sweet blood will make me come alive and live again. Dear Amber, you can’t hide forever.


Saving Amber- part two
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
Some history shared.


Saving Amber


Coyote knew of Amber’s fears many year ago. She told him of the story, of when she and her husband Dominic lost two good friends to the Lexington’s caves. Amber, Dominic and Eric/Eddie went on a short vacation in Summer of 2012. They had traveled the Lake Huron highway from Port Austin. They stopped in Lexington for lunch and they drank the home-made beer and wine. Dominic was a large and fearless man. He knew everything about all things but this day. He would learn. More to life than we know. Eric was tall and wise. He loved history and sports. He loved basketball but he did not know. He had watched his last basketball game. Eddie was very smart. He was a jokester and he loved to laugh and talk. Amber held great fear. She brought evil to her, she didn’t know. Her heart was blessed and the evil things knew of her. Pennywise was killed-off. She didn’t know. Evil things been here on earth for a thousand years or more. They heard the cry of Pennywise and they were seeking her heart and her soul.


They enjoyed the good food and lunch. They walked the long pier and Amber was having a good day. Amber could feel the spirits more than she knew. This day. She would learn. Be afraid of the darkness and don’t whisper the names of dead things that cannot die. They loaded-up in the car and drove 6 miles down to a Lake Huron entrance. Eddied told her, let’s stop here and see the lake for the last time. Amber felt a hard-pain in her heart. She told them, please keep driving. I feel a bad things is here. Dominic and Eddie laughed at her. Eric told her. Don’t fear dead things, fear the live things. They parked the car and Eddie, Eric climbed down the steps. Lake Huron was beautiful. Eric and Eddie started to pick-up the shiny rocks. Eric notice a path and he told Eddie. Look Eddie, a secret path for us to find some gold. Eddie laughed and they walked on the path till it dead-ended at some caves. Eddie looked inside and he said. Smell like piss, shit and death. Eric saw something shiny and gold. He and Eddie walked inside the long cave. Dominic left Amber by the car and he climbed down the steps. He heard loud screams and he went to the sound. He stopped before the cave and he knew. Something was wrong. He turned and he ran-up the hill to the car. He told Amber call the police. Took an hour and the police showed-up. They went to the caves and they found nothing. The police officer asked, could they swim? The waves were high this day. Amber knew something bad has happen. She began to pray. Amber and Dominic went back to Detroit not knowing the ending of Eddie and Eric. Amber wouldn’t discuss no-more. She told him. If you say his name. He will find you. Dominic used his logic to block the thoughts of a demon killing folk.

Coyote did some research near Lexington. He was lucky and one day. He found a Ojibwa Native American at Port Austin. He was a healer and a nagual name Ishkode. He told him. You are looking for things you do not want to find. Many evil things roam this land. Men believe in what he can see, somethings cannot be seen and are terrifying/waiting. The Algonquin people has accepted some parts of the evil, even used them to erase enemies. Many call the night spirits Misable Mukwa or the common name Wendigos. I know they are not large wolves. They are men who digested flesh and became separate beast. Old Ojibwa tale say. Wendigos were many once and now they keep cover in the old caves and the deep woods. We had to kill many for they grew large and killed many daily. This is why they have disappeared. Few remain. Coyote asked him. How do they look? Ishkode smiled and he told him. Look like mad-wolf, bald, decayed and sunken eyes. They are very large. The one’s, that survive shall be very dangerous. I was told. Three Ojibwa children learn of one, a hundred ago. This Wendigos killed their family. Aki, Asin and Migizi learn the Wendigos can be killed with silver blade into their heart, then cut into many pieces and burned. They went with fresh deer meat near the open valley and they waited in the forest. The Wendigo showed-up and began to eat the deer. The children appeared with long blade and arrows made of silver. The Wendigo was large and scared. The kid learn this moment. Only fearless children can kill a monster. Adults hold on to fear too hard. The attacked from three directions. Each time the arrows hit and knife cut into the Wendigo. He weaken. Aki jump on the chest of the monster and he carved-out the heart. The Wendigo large body laid dead. They carved-up his body into many pieces. They prayed and they burned the body in four different places. They knew if the Wendigo isn’t cut-up and burned. It will heal quickly and seek revenge. Thank to the children, we learn. The children must kill the Wendigos. Need clean and good hearts, to be fearless and body young and strong. Adults are just meals for them.

Today me and the baby coyotes are ready. We are more prepared than the children of the Ojibwa. I have learned the Wendigos can hear for 1000 miles and when they seek something they need. They will follow the senses. Amber’s dreams were getting more deadly. This monster was sneaking into her dreams and if he overcome her dreams. He would be more stronger and more human. If he could reach into dreams and steal her heart and souls. He could walk among us.