Saving Amber- part three and four

Saving Amber- part three
A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
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Saving Amber- part three


Amber told Coyote her story and she described her dreams. Even as a child, the monsters haunted her dreams. He didn’t tell her. Pennywise wasn’t alone in her dreams. Misable Mukwa(Wendigo) was connected to many creatures that roamed the night. He went to his friend Paloma, a mystic, who told me the names of Amber’s nightmare monsters. She told me. Amber is the light for evil things. They are attracted to her. She been touched by the Jersey Devil and Chupacabra. They found her and her being saved by Jesus. Kept them at-bay. The skin walker is near her. A close relative of the Wendigo. She must stay on holy ground or the hidden demons can be alerted to her location. She smiled and she said. She must stay away from ground saturated in blood and evil. Lexington caves was very dangerous. Native Americans used the sleeping monsters often. Their rituals brought to life things gone and they lost control of them. Wendigos are in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio, used by the Algonquin people. The southern Cheyenne had Bladenboro and Gawrow. Wolf like and not human. The east coast tribes had the Jersey Devil. A brave man killed him he thought. He didn’t know. Was a pack of them. They are hiding from human site and very active. Out west tribes, used so many. La Loranana, chipacabra and the skin walkers roam freely. The skinwalker is near her. She need some crystal and some protection sage. Paloma was wise. She told me how to kill, something that had lived a long time. Need silver, need great luck, fire to burn and the creatures must be cut-up and burned in separate places. She looked me in the eyes and she whispered. Don’t under-rate them. They have lived 2,000 to 5,000 year because they are very wise, quick and filled with evil. They will kill you in a New York second.


The three children that killed the first Wendigo were lucky and brave. The two boys were nine years old name Asin(Rock) and Migizi(Eagle). The five year girl name was Aki(earth). They practice the kill often and they were prepared. They knew this task could mean death if not done correctly. They practiced shooting the bow and arrow for hours daily, they danced the knife dance. Learning to be perfect in the movement of the knife and be very quick. They knew how to attack. Attack in three directions and ensure the Wendigo is confused. Aki was the key. Small, quick and agile. She had to cut out the heart. Memengwaa(Butterfly), their grandfather taught them, cover and run, run and cover. Hit and run, run and hit. Make the Wendigo bleed. Make him feel the silver. The silver will weaken him. They listen and they obeyed his rules and command. The first Wendigo killed open the door to the erasing of them. Many more children gathered and hunted them till they hid away in caves and the dark forest. Coyote taught his grandchildren similar skills. He ensured the lessons were hard and driven in.


Amber awoke screaming. She had moved to a southern state. In her dream. The skin walker touched her in her dream and he whispered. Wendigo is coming and we will shared a meal dear Amber. The skin walker, bony and skinless, laughed and he touched her arm. She screams and she awoke. She was alone and she saw leftover blood on her arm. She called Coyote. He didn’t answer.


Coyote taught Jaden the knife and he gave him a B.B gun with silver pellets. The knife was two-sided. He told him. The cat knife was pure silver. Deadly and quick. Hit and hit till the Wendigo knows pain and goes down. Joshua had the sword and a pistol with silver bullets. The sword was 100% silver and deadly. He told Joshua. The sword is the most deadly weapon. The Wendigo can be carved-up and weaken. Georgie had the gas and fire. He was responsible for the grenades. The grenades were in two sections. 1/2 bleach and 1/2 Ammonia. You pull the medal separator of the two chemical. The two chemical cause a fire. These were needed to warm-up the cold heart of the Wendigo, make the skin burn and the body weaker. He made the boys practice and practice. They became fearless. Jaden told his grandfather. This is for my uncle. The Wendigo won’t kill no-more. Georgie had a B.B gun too with sliver pellets. Coyote knew, the time was limited. The Wendigo was sending messages out about Amber in the wind. The Lake Huron breeze insured. Amber would be found.


Amber didn’t sleep very much. She knew something bad was coming. Dominic didn’t believe her. She was alone. She prayed Coyote and the baby coyotes could save her.



Saving Amber- part four

Johnny be good, had the bad visions. His caves were not safe no-more. He knew the three boys. He killed a man two years ago and the boys smelled of the same blood. He knew. Blood demand blood and the boys had no fear. He needed fear. The old man Coyote was fore-seen. He didn’t fear death, he wanted the good death. Men, who don’t love life and accepted death are dangerous. He knew if the boys attacked in three directions. He was done and he couldn’t run. He had little skin, no face, only sharp teeth and his eyes were black as oil. He was large and ugly. He knew he was in trouble. He smelled the silver. He knew the old man used only silver for the weapons. If the silver touches him. He will lock-up and cannot move no-more. He will be killed. He had a plan. Maybe he can save himself. Fake death leaving enough to come back. He had a short time. He saw an area of rock and stone. He knew, this place will be the place of final battle. Maybe he can survive. He breathe in the air. He closed his eyes and he saw Amber. Hiding in the South. He meditated sending words in the wind to the Skin Walkers and Chupacabra. Find Amber, her dreams are open. The fear is deep and hidden, she will allow you in.


Coyote took his Grandchildren to Lake Huron. He told them, put your weapons on the ground. He put four crystals on top of the weapons. He open a small can and he took out some sage. He lite the sage and he prayed to the earth, sky and the lake. Please give us strength and the will to fight a hidden demon. Make us fearless and strong. Make the boys become fast, skills and wise. The sage burned and he spread the sage over the weapons and the crystals. After the sage was gone. He put the crystal necklace on each boy. He put the white crystal on Jaden. He whispered in his ear. You are the center. Use the knifes to open-up his stomach and take-out the heart. Don’t look at his eyes. He put on the purple crystal on Joshua. He whispered in his ear. You are the right-side. His strong side and you must shoot with the pistol into his face and swing the sword with force. Make him bleed and weaker. Do not look into his eyes. He put on the red crystal on Georgie. You will be on the left-side. You have the cat-knife, you must carve into his skin. Put the grenade of bleach and ammonia into the skin. Ensure you pull-out the separation piece. This will burn his skin and make him die very quickly. After you put the grenade in. All three of you separate from him. He will die. Then Jaden will do the final attack. Cut-out the heart. We must collect every piece of him. Create four fires and separate his body. He must be burned in four separate places. To ensure you can come back.


Joshua eyes were filled with hate and he told his Grandfather. I want him dead. Blood for blood grandpa. He tapped the boy’s head and he told them. Can think of your murdered uncle. If your mind isn’t clear. He could harm you. You must be a perfect team of movement aiming at one destination. To kill the monster. Your mind must have one purpose only. Not revenge. You uncle would be proud of you. He made mistakes. His team was adults and they showed fear. We cannot show fear. This monster eats fear and will digest the weak. We cannot be weak.

Amber awoke screaming. Dominic asked her. Do you want to see a doctor? Amber screamed at him and she told him. Two things came to me in my dreams. They whispered to me. Skin Walkers know where you are. She took off her t-sheet and Dominic saw the marks of blood and dirt on her skin. Now his eyes changed. He told her. We must find help now. Where can we find someone who can help us. Dominic brought Amber close and she was praying. Pleaser God, help us.