The mercy

She was like a blessed mermaid from the Pacific. She came to me on a Fall night when the moon was full. She asked me at the midnight hour. Have you danced with the devil often? Have you prayed to the Fall moon? I know you had danced with the Devil often. Your voice is sour with disappointment and your eyes dark with regret. Your pen was quiet tonight and I saw you leave the coffee-house. I followed you to the Monterey bay.


I looked at her. A California beauty. Long brown hair falling to her deep back and green eyes that could steal your heart and mind if she wanted. I told her. Dear green eyes, some people accept their ending willingly. Gun, booze and the deadly sea. Could not kill me. War wouldn’t kill me either, love almost did. You are a dangerous beauty. A mermaid can be siren or a muse? Which are you?


She rose up and she ran to the sea. She kicked off her shoes and she danced with the waves. I did a silence prayer. I prayed to the midnight moon. Did I cry? Did I die? Did I pray for one more second of life? Send me an angel or siren. I will accept the final destination without fight or fear. Please give the mercy of kindness.


She returned and she sat close to me. I caressed her cold feet with my warm hands. I told her. Fall Pacific ocean very cold, need body suit and braveness. She smiled and she whispered. Hush your mind, hush your thoughts. Dear poet, you were a lover once. You were a liar often and the truth saying now. All of us will taste joy, all of us will known sadness. We will celebrate new life and mourn the death of people we had loved. You cannot be the dark poet no-more. You must become like the wild roses. Rise-up and dance with the wind. Too many dead men already. Life is just a teacher. A teacher to show us. Always a new day a-coming. New opportunities to laugh, sing and drink to life and chance.


I stood-up and I brought her to me. I lay my head into her hair and neck. Her hands took my face and she kissed my cheeks and my lips. She whispered. No-one will die tonight. Tonight is for rebirth and laughter.


The moon and the stars were smiling. They watched two people dancing on the free beach. The sea sang the sweet song of nature and the old Poet. He whispered to the kind mermaid. Thank you my green eyes muse.